Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! XP Theme

Apr 29, 2010

Found another XP theme that is from this season anime,mostly using the image from the manga, but better than nothing, right? The theme is base on the series Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, quite a entertain manga/anime to me. Theme via natsukyou, from ACG DIY forum.

This theme come with two type of skin, as usual change under the "appearance" tab in the "Display Properties".

Since some of you request, I upload both installer and non-installer version, so you choose either one to download. Enjoy the theme xD.

Installer - Megaupload | Easy Share
w/o Installer - Megaupload | Easy Share

17 comment(s):

mat 01 May, 2010 02:53  

LOL what a coincidence i jsut started this series when you posted it.... (by the way could you see if theres a detective conan theme Please id be soo happy!)

Kiarah 25 June, 2010 19:30  

wats the password wen u use the installer?

crdd 25 August, 2010 23:03  

Hi...whats the password to use the installer? Thanx.

mohandas 12 September, 2010 14:26  

can u tell me the password to use the installer

hana_luchia 27 September, 2010 07:28  

can yout tell me the password please, id be soo happy! ^^

blueangel 16 January, 2011 12:45  

Hi there... could u tell me the password for the installer. Thanx!

kok 05 March, 2011 13:18  

Please tell me the password! Thanks!

kok 05 March, 2011 19:39  

Password Please! Thanks!

Hachi 06 March, 2011 11:51  

could u tell me the password please??

Andy 10 April, 2011 05:36  

Hi! What's the password? D:

chibiakum4 27 April, 2011 01:35  

can u tell me the password??

xAshlingxDreamx 20 November, 2011 21:30  

hey that's so cool! can u tell me the password? :D

Euphoria 20 February, 2012 08:33  

Hello, what is the password?

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