Angel Beats!

Apr 18, 2010

If you has watched this season anime, you should know about Angel Beats! From the very first episode, it already quite interested to me, thought it was just a happy school type anime, but I was wrong, it's make me somewhat sad in episode 3, as expected from Jun Maeda. Story getting more interesting from now, hopefully it will getting more and more good!

Love the opening and ending theme from the Angel Beats.

Well, since it is new anime, I also found the Angel Beats XP theme, hopefully you guy like it. Theme I steal via ACG DIY forum, author by taste.

The anime is too new, therefore the image is limited to use for the XP theme, but the theme was still nice! The theme require to install just like previous few theme that I reposted, so if you don't know, proceed here.

It also come with the mouse right-click menu background. If you don't know how to use it, go to here for more info. So get the theme via below link ;).

Megaupload | Deposit Files | File Factory | Easy Share

Without Install Version
Megaupload | Easy Share

28 comment(s):

Kai 19 April, 2010 11:41  

for the "mouse right-click menu background", can i use it in window 7?

Chass 20 April, 2010 08:01  

>< all themes posted require install now

thanks anyway

Kazumu 20 April, 2010 09:19  

it's password protected..

Not Fair 20 April, 2010 20:25  


Please read the carefully -->> something like

ya, just happen that I recently find something that require install >.<'.

you can try, but it won't work I think, since XP and 7 is different especially in the theme....

Chass 21 April, 2010 07:20  

is it possible to unpack so that you don't have to install? I don't need stuff like screensaver, bootscreen, or right click screens

Kaede 25 April, 2010 04:55  

Weird anime XD. Makes no sense. But I'll still watch it

Not Fair 29 April, 2010 22:59  

If you want I can unpack for you :).

Ya, it is weird but interesting xD

Chass 30 April, 2010 06:21  

if you can, please ^^
I would really appreciate it

Not Fair 30 April, 2010 06:47  

er, this Angel Beats I unable to upload in this few days, unless wait until after sunday, away from the PC (back to hometown :D). Sorry ya ^^.

Chass 04 May, 2010 06:53  

no problem, I'm not in a hurry or anything :)

Chass 07 May, 2010 05:54  

thanks a lot!

BTW, do you know how to dl those win7 themes from fatefan in the chinese forums? I registered but it seems they are on a points basis?

Not Fair 11 May, 2010 22:44  

ya, u need to use the forum money to buy it (earn through reply a thread or etc).

Chass 21 May, 2010 00:10  

that you know how many posts you need or an alternative place to dl it?

I'm tryin to get the win 7 bakemonogatari and to heart 2 btw...

Not Fair 26 May, 2010 13:03  

well, if you want, I can download for you.

Chass 27 May, 2010 04:56  

If you can and are willing to, please do so ^^

Not Fair 27 May, 2010 15:13  

downloading ToHeart2 now, but give me sometime especially on the guide to crack the theme file >_<'.

Chass 27 May, 2010 23:52  

sure sure, i was just going to ask you how to apply those themes too XD

Not Fair 28 May, 2010 12:11  

it take longer process/work to use the theme compare to XP. Wait a while more please, currently asking for help in some step @_@

Quan 03 June, 2010 15:15  

When will the LogOn screen of this anime appear XD

Chass 17 June, 2010 00:54  

how's the win 7 theme going?

ชญานิศ 10 July, 2010 22:22  

Thank you It's a beautiful~~ I like it very much

Secretflayer 04 August, 2010 04:27  

While watching the last part of Angel Beats!, especially the last part, I kept telling myself: "I"m not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry..." ಥ_ಥ

Muhammad Hafiz 23 April, 2011 09:37  

i can't install it :(
it's password protected

Nae just Nae 02 October, 2011 00:34  

thx a lot. though, it needs password.
The password that you tell in link is very useful.
I love angel beats a lot ^^

Kristoff Cross 01 November, 2011 14:05  

pls make a windows 7 version of this, i really love angel beats and i want it to be my computer theme...

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