Hayate the Combat Butler 2 XP Theme

Mar 8, 2010

Long time no see everyone, I'm not dead yet, just very busy for some of my school work, guess will be busy until august. If you don't mind, please help me with this survey! Survey done...!

Ok, let's back to the theme, this lovely Hayate the Combat Butler 2 XP theme is create by fatefan, and only recently released(few week ago). For you information, now he is doing some Windows 7 theme too, if I got extra time will bring it over.

This theme require install, so just follow the instructions, if you not sure how, please proceed to guide and solution for information ^^. I did not unpack it is due to rule problem...

This theme was contain 3 different skin, including Athena, Nagi and Hinagiku, after you install, there is 3 different Windows Theme file with the name, so just use it. Personally like Athena more, but for the XP theme, still preferred to the Nagi. Athena skin was lack of image, since she not much appearance in the anime.

If you finding for wallpaper, konachan might help you, but might be NSFW, so view it at your own risk. Continue to download the theme via below links, hope you like the theme. And thank you to those who answer the survey ^^.

Download via: Megaupload, Deposit Files, File Factory, Easy Share

10 comment(s):

missalandra 09 March, 2010 15:58  

The installer is password protected!! >.<
Could you please tell me the pass?? I really want to use this theme...

Not Fair 15 March, 2010 22:34  

sorry for late reply, being busy lately...

the password already in the user agreement there, and you can refer to guide and solution page.


Asura 19 March, 2010 10:12  

if u r free, please bring over win 7 theme too xD

Kaede 02 April, 2010 22:06  

Yeah.. 1 month ago XD

Not Fair 04 April, 2010 23:33  

lol, no choice T_T, a lot of project thing going on....

Wolfnagi 06 April, 2010 19:35  

One thing,
How do you change the taskbar cause I just can't.....
It suddenly turned into Windows Classic,
Any tips?????

Not Fair 07 April, 2010 14:06  


hope this help you ;)

Wolfnagi 08 April, 2010 19:38  

Oh yeah,
Is there are LogonUI for HnG??????
And the Windows Open and Shutdown,
Is there are songs other than Honjitsu Mankai and Wonder Wind??????

Not Fair 18 April, 2010 22:01  

LogonUI should be available or maybe not(I try to look into it), while Windows Open and Shutdown I think don't have, even got also not guarantee work properly.

The song, u can actually find a suitable song (in wave format) that you like and trim it and replace under the sound properties...

Crystal 02 August, 2011 18:19  

Are you doing this for Windows 7 too? I wish to have it =)

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