Wonder Festival Winter 2010 Figure

Feb 11, 2010

Wonder Festival was a event that display figure or garage kits, so that mean also a lot of company reveal some "going to release" figure in the near future. It also mean it will increase our buy list on the figurine.

Quite a lot of awesome figure reveal, for example this Alter Nanoha series, need a lot of "resources" to become a Nanoha series collector I guess.

This year Wonfes really a lot of unexpectedly beautiful/awesome/lovely figure, like this Senjougahara from Good Smile Company.

Cute BRS.

Haruhi series Nendoroid from the Suzumiya Haruhi no Shōshitsu. Special side of Nagato Yuki, wish to watch the movie, but has to wait the release of the DVD/BD.

K-On Nendoroid series, I already bought Mio and Yui home, and already pre-order Mugi-chan and Azu~nyan, but I miss the preorder of Ritsu :(. Need to find another way to get her.

The 100th Nendoroid was announced in the Wonfes too, and it is from Disney Mickey Mouse, what a surprise.

Some people might think that this totally not look like Nendoroid at all (including me). But since this is 100th release, so maybe something special, and Mickey Mouse was a legend character so...

From Touhou Project.

Kawaii!!! I getting this for sure ^^.

Thank to the event coverage by various site, I know my pocket going to burn a hole for sure when the time come, so need to get ready for it lol. This time is just too many figure suit my taste. Pictures from this post was get via Akiba Hobby, you can visit there for more coverage or via below links, some post might be NSFW, so becareful ^^.


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