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Feb 8, 2010

Little Buster is galgame from KEY (same company as Air, Kanon, and CLANNAD). It remind me I still haven't play this game, any translation patch for this game? This theme was quite basic, so I hope you like it. Source via ComicDD forum.

If you are look for another Little Buster theme, you may interested in the one that I post before. If you do not know how to use XP Theme, please follow this guide (may or may not help). Download the theme via Megaupload, Deposit Files or Easy Share.

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Chass 09 February, 2010 06:39  

awesome! I'm a big fan of Key >.<

There's a 50% translation patch for little busters (unfortunately not Ecstasy version but they might expand if they ever finish little busters XD)

the first route patch 1.0 (Rin 1)
Add this script in your Little Busters folder along with the other SEENs

The patch covers the so-called "Rin 1" route (short as it is) and the entire common route which you can access on relevant playthrough (some scenes are only unlocked as you clear more routes, most of these are not yet translated). This may not sound like much, but please note that it is over 50% of the total game, thanks to the length of the common route (in which the respective scenes for all characters are already translated).

Not Fair 09 February, 2010 18:39  

thank for the info ^^. I do hope they translate the EX version, but better than nothing. I guess another way(or hardworking way) is to buy a Japanese dictionary to play the game >.<"

Chass 10 February, 2010 07:27  

well, you can take japanese classes like me XP or suck it up and try to understand ATLAS+AGTH engris

Not Fair 10 February, 2010 17:55  

actually I currently attending Japanese class, but still in low level >_<'.

Oh yea, I forget there is the ATLAS+AGTH thing, this thing maybe can help abit.

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