Feb 3, 2010

Katanagatari anime original base on the light novel. The anime more like a OVA, most likely this anime is showing a episode a month with around 60 minute length, total has 12 episode, so it mean a episode is equal to a volume of novel(since novel has 12 volumes only, correct me if I'm wrong). This anime was one of the anime that I want to watch in this season, being attracted by it unique art style >_<. It turn out to be quite good.

The story is about a young man name Yasuri Shichika, who also the seventh head of the Swordless Style user, on the journey to collect the 12 legendary swords with the Togame(heroine), more info via Wikipedia.

Opening and Ending of the Katanagatari. The quality of this anime is good maybe because it is a monthly anime, so more time to prepare or maybe the style make it look quality?

Main character Yasuri Shichika, the seventh head of Kyotou-Ryuu(Swordless Style), and also a fellow who low intelligent.

Togame that self named strategist, she look like a pro swordsman at first, but the katana she holding is just for display only, fighting capability almost zero I think. She voice by Tamura Yukari ^^.

Shichika sister, Yasuri Nanami. From the 1st episode view, she might not appear again in other episodes, well hopefully she will appear again.

It's look like 12 enemy equal to 12 episodes(?).

Attacked by an enemy ninja.

The enemy, is a ninja, but I forget the name. That sword put out from his mouth is one of the legendary swords, ็ตถๅˆ€.้‰‹ (Zetsu Katana Kanna?).

Shichika will attack who rush to him, the only one he won't attack was his sister. This Togame is disguise by the Ninja, so luckily Shichika got this reflex, or else the story will end at here. One of the part make me laugh too.

Basically, this episode is a lot of talking, even in fighting also talk alot, but at least you won't feel bore because the speech sometime is quite funny.

The way they make the fighting scene was quite awesome, erm hard to put into a word, if you watch you should understand what I mean. I hope there is a new skill in next episode, if every episode also same skill then will be bore.


Love the unique art style, and I love the character design too, Togame and Nanami FTW. Not sure how well the adaptation is, because I don't have the knowledge on this novel series. To me, this series and Durarara! is this season best anime so far, good until I want for more. If you haven't watch this, recommended to watch, this series worth for a try.

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