Music Girls XP Theme

Jan 8, 2010

Found This gorgeous music girls or headphone girl XP theme from the usual ComicDD forum. This is quite a beautiful theme, love the theme design and also the girls art ^^. Actually there is a art book which has the collection of headphone girls, but I forget the name. Not sure you guy love it or not, but I think this theme is worth for download and use on the desktop.

The author of this theme actually release for Christmas purpose, but now I only saw it, so then I bring it over here, hope you guy like it. This maybe can act as a late Christmas or New Year gift >_<'.

This theme has two different type of skin (or Color Scheme), you can change it under the Display Properties > Appearance > Color Scheme. You can access it through Control Panel > Display or click on the right-mouse button on the desktop, then "Properties".

Oh, btw, do you guy now using Windows 7 as the main Windows? Because saw some beautiful anime Windows 7 theme, thought bringing it over ^^.

That all, get the theme via Megaupload, Deposit Files, Easy Share.

Problem on the theme? Guide and Solution might help you.

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x1St3pClozer2Ux 09 January, 2010 11:27  

hi i love that wallpaper. what website did u get it, trying to get it as in 1920 by 1200

Vinh 11 January, 2010 07:12  

Nice theme, makes me want to change it. And I'm still running XP on my desktop, but Windows 7 on my laptop which I'm on most of the time. I'm wondering, do you make these themes or do you find them somewhere?

Not Fair 11 January, 2010 09:46  

getting from ComicDD forum(see the link in the post), the wallpaper maximum resolution I see in the installer is 1600 in width.

I get from the forum, not make by me.

Vinh 11 January, 2010 12:04  

what forum do you get it from?

Not Fair 11 January, 2010 18:41  

I get from a forum, ComicDD or ACGDIY, see the link in the 1st paragraph, or see at end of the page .

Abaray Rainji 11 January, 2010 18:52  

Nice like always bro.
Love this theme~

Vinh 12 January, 2010 07:23  

Thanks for the info, now if I could only understand what's on the page, but oh wells

Secretflayer 21 January, 2010 11:11  

Whoa, nice color scheme 2... Touhou! So much want!

Thank you very much for this theme!! m(_ _)m

andreu 01 December, 2010 00:30  

Thank You so much for this theme!! I REALLY LOVE IT!!

Xeneria 27 December, 2011 14:14  

This is a really good theme that I've been using for a long time, but would it be possible to add a right-click menu background with this? I wanted one for a while >.<. Please and thank you!

Yuki 26 January, 2012 06:45  

I love this theme very much, but could you be able to add a "right click background" to this too?

Zxyon Rhysivz 28 March, 2012 16:31  

Hi Sola. I was wondering could you post Music Girls theme for Windows 7? I really love this theme but I've switched to Windows 7 and now it doesn't work. Thx. Btw, this is my first comment on your blog and all I have to say it's a really nice place for anime fans to get themes to 'anime-ised' their computers.

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