Code Geass C.C. Anime Xp Theme

Jan 22, 2010

While browsing through some old anime XP theme, I only remember that I miss out Code Geass anime XP Theme. This Code Geass XP Theme is mainly focus on C.C., well it is a nice theme, and C.C. FTW!!! ^^. For your information, the theme create by Linbo (

This theme also include the Login interface and the right-click background, if you do not know how to use it, then proceed to HERE.

Recently there is a new series of Code Geass announced, but it is a manga series which talk about different story. A lot of 3rd season rumour here and there too, this is due to Lelouch expose too much in the magazine with some suspicious title recently. Although I like the ending of season 2, but I hope for a season 3 because I want see C.C. once again XD. Let's pray for the season 3!

Done for the talking, so get the Code Geass C.C. XP Theme via Megaupload, Easy Share, or Deposit Files.

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