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Dec 10, 2009

Tayutama is a series from eroge, and the anime adaptation was happen 2 season ago. Never play the game before, and anime I only manage to watch 3 episodes, then hold it until now >_<', and I completely forget this series. Erm... fox ears + fox tail is so adorable, and lovely picture ^^.

Tayutama XP theme
This theme actually is quite good, but if you don't use to orange color, this might be bad to you. The only drawback of this theme is the author did not include any system song. Theme from maplecloud, as alway pick from ComicDD.

Tayutama XP theme
I also remember this theme was request before by some of you, hopefully this is not too late^^. Get the theme via below links.

Deposit Files
Easy Share

Problem on the theme? Guide and Solution might help you.

4 comment(s):

Chass 11 December, 2009 09:50  

yea, the bronze is kind of a turn off, but tayutama was a cute show ^^

The screens are also much better, thanks :)

Swede Pendragon 15 December, 2009 23:25  

Like the theme... *saves it*
btw not fair... if u could do a favour for me.
Its my birthday tomorrow, 16 december, and I was hoping if u could find some awesome Saber theme!
If and only if there isn't awesome Saber theme, Taiga (toradora) theme is ok as well.
Hope u fulfil this childish request of mine and make me happier... :D

Not Fair 16 December, 2009 11:06  

wow, that was a hard request. Taiga seem quite hard(not that much), Saber theme, I try to look into it ^^.

Not Fair 16 December, 2009 11:13  

oh ya, forget to said. Happy Birthday ^^.

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