School Days XP Theme

Dec 3, 2009

School Days XP Theme
Let's go with a theme from a famous anime series, the nice boat. Yes, this is School Days, as usual steal from the comicDD forum. This theme was quite ok, but too bad there is no nice boat version, or else will be marvelous.

School Days XP Theme
I remember some one request School Days theme before, so here it is >.>', sorry for the late :p. Ok, that all, get the theme via below location.

Deposit Files
Easy Share

Problem on the theme? Proceed to Guide and Solution.

10 comment(s):

Alfred 03 December, 2009 17:48  

nice boat !!! i mean nice theme !!!

Eternia 05 December, 2009 22:28  

Wow, nice.
And I just noticed that you used a new template now. ^_^

Not Fair 07 December, 2009 22:40  

ya, this new template more clean and easy to read(I think).

Chass 08 December, 2009 08:45  

Yea, it is cleaner and easier to read, and the picasa for picture viewing is neat, although it's kinda small to see in detail 0.o

Not Fair 08 December, 2009 20:25  

some of it is small view(in 1024 pixel) because I upload with 1024 pixel option >.<'. From now on will go for the 1600 pixel :).

Chass 10 December, 2009 05:24  

the bigger, the better :) thanks

Mạnh Tuấn 15 December, 2009 21:15  

dep vai lon thang em ra bo may khing

Genius 07 March, 2010 08:24  

How to apply this theme?

Genius 07 March, 2010 08:25  

I was using vista, can it be use?

Not Fair 08 March, 2010 09:51  

unable to use in vista and 7, only for XP and 2003 server(maybe)

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