Saber XP Theme Mix version

Dec 16, 2009

Saber Fate/stay night XP Theme screenshot
Another Fate/stay night's Saber only XP theme, source via ComicDD. I call this as mix version because I put in few thing extra ^^, for example extra icon (more than 200 icon), extra Saber system voice (Kawasumi Ayako voice), and extra wallpaper.

Saber Fate/stay night XP Theme screenshot
This theme also come with a mouse right-click menu background, but you need to manually use it, more info please proceed here. Originally want to include the Logon UI theme, but my Windows got some small problem, so delay. LogonUI also included, if you already download, please re-download again.

Saber Fate/stay night XP Theme screenshot
This theme was also request by Swede, I know this is not an awesome theme but hope this is a good present to you lol. Ok, that all, get the theme via Megaupload, Deposit Files, File Factory, or Easy Share, link updated.

Problem on the theme? This Guide and Solution might help you.

14 comment(s):

Swede Pendragon 16 December, 2009 23:25  

Arigatou gozaimashita not fair...
Pal u made my day even more greater then it is.
Its awesome... I mean u had better, but still it is awesome present. It is my fault for not asking you earlier... -_-"
In other words I am using it know!
btw... how can u make that saber's voice appear is other themes then this one. That is freaking awesome! :D

Swede Pendragon 16 December, 2009 23:30  

I forgot to ask u this too... we already have theme named saber... can u program it with different name. I had previous one to change to Saber 1 and it wont work now... can u do something about this matter?

Not Fair 17 December, 2009 09:58  

the voice can be replace, as long as the source is available lol. Ok, later I will reupload the one with different name.

hungeryjack 18 December, 2009 05:03  

Nice post ..Keep Posting

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Abaray Rainji 20 December, 2009 18:12  

Awesome theme.
Really freakin' good Not Fair.
Keep it coming.
Hopefully you come out with some Darker Than Black theme

shadowfire 29 January, 2010 06:11  

cool theme is there any way i could get this to run on a vista?

Not Fair 29 January, 2010 18:18  

this theme is only rin in XP & server 2003.

leonegrao 29 October, 2010 02:11  

Hello there, i would like to know if you have any other Anime theme that works on Windows 7?

Not Fair 29 October, 2010 20:56  

if it is stated as Windows XP, it only can be use on Windows XP, because XP and 7 has different file to display the theme.

Not Fair 29 October, 2010 20:58  

and Windows 7 theme i got as well, just that now still got some problem cannot fully use the theme, but it still can display and wont crash (for example some background suppose to show but it did not like folder background and so on.

Windows 7 theme as below:

Biofreak2 06 April, 2011 09:42  

I have a request, I can't get the folder backgrounds and Shell to work properly, and I found a way to do it manually, would you mind adding a link to the shell and attached Pictures? if my method works, I will share it with those who are having similar troubles

edward 14 April, 2011 22:18  

can i somehow remove the swimsuit pic
bcoz my father also use my laptop

ハセヲ "The Terror of Death" 30 April, 2012 00:20  

I use Windows 7 and want to use the sound folder only (remembering the Theme cannot be applied to Windows 7)
and I want to know, which sound is used for what
can someone give me the list

Ex.: Windows Logon --> セイバー_19_早上好


Not Fair 30 April, 2012 20:19  

maybe u need to try one by one...

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