Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 Solo Cosplay Competition & Stage Performance (updated)

Dec 22, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2
Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 coverage, lot of stage performance and also the competition performance by the cosplayer. Thank to the emcee who make the show become real fun and awesome. I recorded some video on the performance too, but might not able to finish upload in time.

Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 cosplay
Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 cosplay
Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 cosplay
This is all of the cosplayer that joining the solo cosplay competition.

Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 solo cosplay competition
Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 solo cosplay competition
When he strip his shirt, a girl beside me "Kyaa~ing" in very loud.

Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 solo cosplay competition
Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 2 solo cosplay competition

Attacking MC to show how real he is.

I thought this costume has 2 person, but that donkey(?) actually is wear on it only lol. The costume is cool.

Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The MC is become the target again.

The MC has Kill by Hunter. Below is Hunter performing a attack act during the competition.

It become striping competition (fake), because many cosplayer also strip their cloth (actually is a pose).

Another hunter, wanna to jump on the MC.

Counter with melee attack, but too bad still become incapacitated, waiting teammate to save (another MC).

Another teammate steal away the gun and ignore the life of the incapacitated one, and kill the hunter.

Well poor MC, dunno die & revive how many times already. Seem like all the cosplayer know how to aim for the person. But the MC is really know how to follow, fast reaction, really make the competition more fun.

Performing Black Rock Shooter.

Performing the song Oblivious from Kalafina (theme song from Kara no Kyoukai).

She again, who also performing two song on the Day 1. Today perform another 2 song, nice. Sorry again that I dunno the name lol.

The front 8 cosplayer is the finalist, some of them I dunno from what series also. They also will pick the title randomly, some of the title and item is so damn funny. Like the item is 10 dollar and title "stalking", then for 20min to let them think how to carry out the test.

Unexpected group of girl who dance, the song from SNSD name Gee, a popular Korea song.

The finalist solo cosplay competition continue, video will update once I done.

The poster is final prize to give away, and also sign by the emcee. The one who get 3 katana, a stormtroper and one more thing (I forget the last thing) will get the prize.

This is the group cosplay competition winner, forget the group name, but their performance in yesterday is great.

OTP cosplay competition winner, yesterday who cosplaying Dante and Trish (now is Kai Suwabara and Jasmine from Aladin).

Best costume.

Best costume in hall, who did not join the competition.

Solo cosplay competition winner, from Monster Hunter 2G.

After everything is done, the final thing to do is the dance party by all the cosplayer. Non-stop dance for at least more than 10 song, include KPop, anime famous dancing song and western song. As you can see, lots of photographer go near, like me who slow will not able to get infront.

Now caramelldansen has become a symbolic or a "must" song and dance in ACG related event >_<'. I only manage to record 3 video, because my camera out of battery and memory at the same time.

The awesome emcee of the Comic Fiesta 2009. The event become so much fun is thank to them.


lol, playing PS3 in the hall. That all for all the event, not include all the photo, but you can visit this albums to view it all.

Well, this year Comic Fiesta really improve a lot, especially the lighting, last year is more worst, but still bad to me, I think the light can't reflect much is because the hall too big (in term of height), and also the hall itself is using dim color.

I think I already said this many time, thank to the great and awesome emcee, the event become so so different and great. Emcee deserve the credit, I salute them ^^.

The stage become bigger I think, and the location is better, wide enough to let more people enjoy the stage. The floor plan feel more pack to me if compare to last year. I think is because the increase of the booths and people too. But anyway, a great event.

The cosplay has improve a lot compare to last year. I also feel surpise because this event I hardly see Naruto and Bleach series cosplay, it is a good thing too, because I already saw this two series cosplay too much, feel bore already lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I hate the series.

Well, if you wonder why there is no individual cosplayer photo, because I will make it in another post, similar to what I did it to the Comic Fiesta 2009 Figures.

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