Umineko no Furudo XP Theme

Nov 3, 2009

Actually I do not know who she is ( her name Erika Furudo? Correct me if I'm wrong ^_- ...), because haven't watch Umineko anime. Since some of you like Umineko series, so decide to bring this over too, and this theme was come from Wolf Wind. If you like Umineko theme, you might also like the one that I post before, here ^^.

Anyway, this theme come with two THEME file, you can select either one. It also come with a extra wallpaper, and icon file, so you can replace it if you want, else ignore it. If you like the theme, press below links to get it.

Deposit Files
Easy Share

[End here]

5 comment(s):

Abaray Rainji 05 November, 2009 15:06  

Awesome theme like always ^ ^
Not Fair,have you found any Darker Than Black Theme?
If You do,may post it here...

Not Fair 07 November, 2009 08:29  

lol, yesterday just thought wanna to find a Darker Than Black theme, but I think I never saw before.

Yukaritou 25 December, 2009 00:07  

I've got a problem. I cannot use this theme as it writes an error that it cannot find some files T_T

Not Fair 25 December, 2009 10:54  

are you download and extract and direct click on the THEME file?

go here for solution.

Yukaritou 25 December, 2009 20:38  

Wow thanks *_* it rally works now ^.^ It is so beautifu~l *O*

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