Nanoha Vivid Memory;06

Nov 4, 2009

Nanoha Vivid chapter 6 was released, and if you want to view it, you can find the scan version through Google or via here. Translation currently unavailable yet, but if you understand chinese, you can go to here to read.

Unlike the previous series or the Nanoha Force, the story of Vivid series was quite light, but still quite enjoyable. This chapter start with some very brief talk about the two king and the meeting of Vivio and Einhart. The Hagemon (the male of the above picture) refer to Einhart who hold the memory of the Hegemon. Right one that hold the same king title as Vivio (same gene...). So this mean the meeting between the king is fate!

The main story of this chapter basically is the brief talk about the past also the training fight between Vivio and Einhart . Too bad, current level Vivio still unable to fight her, I think Einhart still haven't use her full strength. According to Einhart, she can remember some memory of the previous Hegemon king. The thing that get my interest is she said the Hegemon can't protect her (refer to Saint King, Vivio), lover??

Einhart was unhappy and no will to continue fight since Vivio unable to match(stop) her. So Vivio request another rematch with her, a real fight, and the time is set on another week, Vivio train hard after she went home. I thought Nanoha will give her some advice, but too bad don't have. So next issue or next next issue should be able to have some serious good fight.

Hegemon and Saint King seem like lover to me, mean this is fate that both of them are meeting each other, a century love? If it does, they can live happily in this age, since no more war like the old Belkan time. Although the Hegemon gender has swap, but it is accepted in Nanoha series, hopefully Vivio and Einhart become lover best friend just like Nanoha and Fate ^^. Too bad no more like the white devil, shoot first then befriend, now has changed to fight (martial art) first then befriend.

[End here]

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