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Nov 7, 2009

This time I found this Kampfer XP theme. If you have watch this season anime, you sure know about this anime, but this XP theme is base on the novel itself. The theme is steal from the usual place comicDD, the theme was presented to you by the Wolf Wind Team.

Some small thought on the anime series, before I watch the anime series, I actually already read some chapter of the manga and novel, indeed it is quite good. But for the anime series, the story was quite rush. another thing is the drawing is getting worst in each episode, maybe not enough budget? But still it is ok continue watch. Anyway, this theme you can find more wallpaper inside the folder, as alway, get the theme via below links.

Deposit Files

[End here]

6 comment(s):

Chass 09 November, 2009 07:39  

omg, a kampfer theme :) yummy

Swede Pendragon 11 November, 2009 06:36  

Nice theme... as chass said looks yummy... I would like to request one. Find some toradora theme with lots cute Taiga pics and with her cute wallpaper. ^^
I'll almost finish Toradora, but I am already in love with this loli. She is better then Louise and Shana for me... ^^

Not Fair 11 November, 2009 10:43  

take this one 1st, cute cute type I try my best to search through.

Swede Pendragon 11 November, 2009 21:09  

Oh I forgot to check older posts... Well it is nice... If u find some cute one please do it and post it if u aren't lazy... :1

Not Fair 12 November, 2009 10:48  

no worry, yesterday found some cuter version, this few days will put it here, stay tune :).

Natsuru 16 September, 2011 08:56  

how do you install this i'm stuck

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