AFA 09 Day 2

Nov 26, 2009

AFA 09 entrance
Here is the AFA 09 day 2 photo, not much from day two, mainly some cosplay photo here and there. I reach the hall quite early, but already a lot people waiting, so has to queue up too.

First thing to go into the hall is to queue up again to enter the KKnM booth, I wait more than 30min to enter, leg is real tired, but lucky a lot of nice wall poster to see when waiting in the line.

Last Exile
My all time favourite, Last Exile.

K-On, Mio

Kingdom Heart cosplay

A very big black wing, but I don't know who is the character?

We all waiting for the K-On! seiyuu to appear, yes, this is the K-ON! Experiece live dubbing and Q&A session, but too bad we all are restricted to take any photo, only official media are allow to do so. But I enjoy their live dubbing a lot, very impress to their dubbing skill, pro is really a pro. 4 of the seiyuu are pretty too ^^.

Black Rock Shooter

Vocaloid cosplay

Kingdom Hearts cosplay

Kakashi cosplay
Kakashi cosplay

The cosplay look familiar but can't remember what series from.

Setsuna and Mr. Bushido cosplay, Gundam 00

Canaan series cosplay
Bleach series cosplay

Team Fortress 2 cosplay
Team fortress 2 cosplay, spy disguise as naruto, lol.

That all for the day 2 photo, this is the only photo that in my hand. I did not stay there for too long because need to meet up with a friend, so miss out quite a lot of thing :(. Anyway, it is fun to join AFA 09, and this is a awesome festival/event, definitely going again if there is a AFA 10.

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BlindReader 27 November, 2009 21:25  

wow so cool!!

i like the bleach one!

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