Nov 12, 2009

Until I see this theme at a forum, I completely forgotten this anime is exist. By the way, does 11eyes anime good? Or the game itself better? Anyway, the theme was create by Team Zero, source via ACG DIY.

This theme come with 4 different design, basically is harem, ecchi, enemy, and special moment. After you extract or install, there will be 4 different ".Theme" file, just execute it as usual, I just remember the file name that end with 01 is the harem (because the color is too bright until I force to remember).

Personally think that the ecchi design is the best, the worst is the harem because of the color, which is full red color.

Anyway, this theme I have include both installer and non-installer, if you download the installer file, please refer to the solution which I stated before in other XP Theme, while for the non-installer, just use it as usual. Get the theme via below links.

Megaupload (Installer)
Deposit Files
Deposit Files (Installer)
Easy Share
Easy Share (Installer)

[End here]

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Chass 13 November, 2009 08:52  

supposedly, the VN was much better than the anime, but that's hardly a suprise...

Not Fair 13 November, 2009 22:07  

erm, maybe I give it a try for the anime. VN quite lazy to touch sometime.... >.<".

Swede Pendragon 15 November, 2009 15:38  

Just watched latest 6th episode... there were some pretty much sex scenes of healing process if u ask me. I mean there is something that gives u hint that has been sex scene in VN, but for anime they of course tried to make it to stick as close as they can with VN story. :/
Great theme... so many of them. *impressed*
For that other 11eyes link, the one with (Installer) in name. Is there some password u would like to tell us Not Fair? ^^

Not Fair 15 November, 2009 21:08  

lol, thx for the hints.

the password is inside the user agreement there, but it is in the form of URL (copy & paste the URL), then continue the installation.

Kami 24 December, 2011 00:18  

Is there any version for Windows Vista? Since apperently this doesn't work for it (Or am I just technologically retarded)

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