Saber Lily Distant Avalon small review

Oct 2, 2009

After a at least 6 month wait, this gorgeous Saber Lily Distant Avalon is finally release, and I just get her home yesterday.

Saber Lily was pack in a shining box, quite beautiful, this is the first shining box I own.

Look through the box, Saber Lily is so beautiful.

She can stand without the stand, although with stand is more cool, but sometime some place is suitable for no stand.

I forgot another way of posing the shield, what a waste.

Saber Lily still look beautiful in whatever angle.

Some close shots of her, she is elegant (am I using the right word?).

Close look of the calibur, very details ^^.

This Saber Lily figure was very popular, I think everywhere also out of stock, if you haven't get her, you can try to wait restock from play-asia or hobby search.

Some high angle shoot, Saber Lily is so sexy >.<".

This is the accessories that come together with her, include the Avalon shield, Calibur and Excalibur, the Excalibur can also insert into the shield ^^.

Lastly, the ultra low angle shots from behind. Saber Lily Distant Avalon was really nicely done with a quality sculpt and paint, everything is very details, this figure is worth for me to wait so many month ^^.

Above picture all take using Lumix LX-3, hopefully in near future I able to improve my photography skill. Will take her out to take some outdoor photography, but it will be in near future.

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3 comment(s):

Not Fair 02 October, 2009 17:11  

Away for few day, back to hometown for mooncake festival...

Gintoki 12 October, 2009 18:50  

Avalon is sheath not a shield remember? :P

Leonia 04 February, 2010 18:49  

She is really great ! A must have for Saber fan ^^

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