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Oct 27, 2009

If you wonder what is this book about, in simple, the content is about the otaku rooms of worldwide. Finally get this book from my local Kinokuniya bookstore, luckily able to get it from them, else I need to paid more for the shipping cost.

This book is bring to you by Danny Choo & Kotobukiya, the rooms that appear in the book was submitted by Danny Choo's reader. Well a lot of awesome rooms can be found in the OTACOOL, which can act as a reference for figure collector ^^.

No matter how many time look at Danny Choo's room, also won't feel bore, but awesome word will come out from my mind.

A pretty girl + awesome room = cool.

This book printed in full color, and have around 126 pages of content, and just looking at those awesome rooms already worth more than the price of the book (1500yen). If you are figure collector and want a idea on how to display the figure, this book might help you. You can get this from the Amazon Japan, Hobby Search, and CD Japan.

Still remember my previous post about me joining the OTACOOL? Never thought I able make it in, I was shock that I able to make it because compare to other rooms, my rooms consider small & empty in term of collection, but well, now I feel proud of it XD. Thank you Danny Choo and Kotobukiya for this great opportunity ^^.

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KoSai 04 November, 2009 06:14  

I love this book !!!!!!!!!!! *_*

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