Naruto Shippuden XP Theme

Oct 17, 2009

Another Naruto Shippuden XP Theme, although Naruto is very famous, but the theme for XP actually is not many, just saw few before (around 3 or 4). Theme come from usual forum (ComicDD, created by a member of Wolf Wind Team I think.).

So this is it, hope you like the theme. For those request theme, if I did not bring it over usually mean it don't have, but in case I forget, you can remind me again to double confirm. Ok that all, get Naruto theme via below link.

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Not Fair 17 October, 2009 18:52  

Can't find the Tayutama theme you request.

Same goes to the Strike Witch, but I remember see it once, but unable to search it, so if I found then I bring it over, else sorry again >.<".

Gundam 00 link updated.

tophechris94 18 October, 2009 04:55  

hello all , it s very cool the theme naruto thank you ;)

Abaray 18 October, 2009 13:05  

Finally Naruto Shippuden Theme.Thanks Not Fair.
N thanks for the Gundam 00 Also.I gonna download it.

Not Fair,can you find Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood theme.
Really like the anime especially this new season.Many Epic battle from the manga come alive at the anime.

Not Fair 18 October, 2009 23:08  

the Fullmetal brotherhood still not available yet, on the market one all is the old theme, want it?

Abaray 18 October, 2009 23:55  

Oh,I want it.
I just like all Anime theme.

jadesterne 21 October, 2009 19:38  

Nice Theme...^^
but can you provide MU link?
Thank you.

Not Fair 23 October, 2009 18:18  

ya, sure.. come back later..

BlindReader 02 November, 2009 22:58  

hey nice theme...

but you know i have little problem...

my PC taskbar not changed

do you know why?

Not Fair 03 November, 2009 22:01  

taskbar? can screenshot let me see?

erm, first of all, did your windows xp patch with any theme patch before? such as UXTHEME patch and etc?

BlindReader 14 November, 2009 13:29  

the taskbar is changed to Windows Classic if i change the theme...

oh yeah i remember now...

after i extract some theme (it's not from here...) i click UXTHEME that you say (maybe)

but then my PC cannot apply the theme, then my friend give me another UXTHEME (in another version) then my PC can apply the theme but the taskbar not changed the background for my music, etc is not changed too...

Not Fair 14 November, 2009 18:43  

that weird. When you use the theme last time, did the patch ask you restart your computer? Usually after apply the patch, your windows will become classic style until the computer was restart, this mean the patch is working.

If your windows originally is already being patch, it might have problem after you patch it with other version of the UXTheme (this may make the theme file crash/spoil, and so that it cannot be change anymore...), best is use back the same version before or after the patch. Read this, it might help you, download via below link it is a read me document, which about the theme.

In case you need the UXTheme that I provided, it can found in this link.

Not Fair 14 November, 2009 18:44  

hope this help you, if it not working, then sorry, I don't have any solution. Maybe format your windows?

BlindReader 26 November, 2009 17:06  

heh thanks (^_^) (sorry for this late comment)

but by the way...

my another PC is no effect too... (i never give any UXTheme)

thats weird.... right?

Not Fair 26 November, 2009 21:02  

erm, ya that weird.
my windows usually work because the windows I use is come with crack version with uxtheme patched lol.

Hatake 02 October, 2010 01:45  

sorry, im late. ur link is expired. is it possible to reupload? thanks!

Not Fair 06 October, 2010 12:43  

sorry, the file not in my storage anymore,but i try to search it again from the website >.<'

Joker_00 31 January, 2011 16:24  

please change the link and it bk
пожалуйста измените ссылку а то она битая

Firman firmansyah 12 October, 2011 00:18  

I want theme Hunter X Hunter
please!! thanks.

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