Nanoha Vivid Memory;05

Oct 9, 2009

The raw of Nanoha Vivid chapter 5 was abit late to release until I also forgotten >.<". I think the english translation still not yet up, but the raw can be easily search through Google, raw from NanoVivid. Below might be a spoiler for you.

Although Heidi(the king) is win against Nove, but it seem like Nove still does some effect on her, which to make her wear out and faint. Nove even plant some tracking device on her body so that able to track her, not completely lose huh. Nove also ask Sabaru for help and take them home.

Heidi was taken back to Subaru home and Teana was make her appearance in this chapter. So they start to chat and to understand the motive of Heidi, seem like all of them has learn something from Nanoha, talk 1st.

Heidi was cute ^^. Heidi main purpose is to proof her ownself(the king) has the strongest body therefore she want to fight with the other king (Vivio & Lx), this is what she said, but abit too simple to me.

In Nove eye, Heidi was love to fight/combat, but she herself not really sure love it or hate it(usually is love it), but herself feel that the Kaiser Arts is the her purpose of living(this lead her to fight I think, maybe?).

So she befriend with 3 of them(Nove, Teana, Subaru), and next chapter will meet with Vivio, might have a peace fight in the combat center, fight is another way of communicate.

Subaru now have 3 king, & 3 god as a friends, she really know how to make friend. 3 of the king also can change mode from loli to adult, which is very convenient, maybe they purposely make it so that the transformation part is more attractive. Next chapter both Heidi and Vivio sure become friend, abit too fast to me, maybe the story itself is not very long. Heidi might later adopted by Nove or Subaru, since they learn so much from Nanoha, and Nanoha series love to adopt loli as daughter.

Thank you for reading.

[End here]

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