Nanami Madobe, Windows 7 mascot

Oct 27, 2009

If you have follow Windows 7 news, you might know the Japanese Windows 7 official mascot, Nanami Madobe who voice by popular seiyuu Nana Mizuki ^^. Nana also mean 7 in Japanese, I think this another reason why Nana Mizuki voice for Nanami. It is also a special theme, unfortunately this theme only available for the Japanese version.

This is a smart move from Microsoft, this strategy really work well since Nana Mizuki is really famous, and the mascot is moe too ^^, myself also want this special theme.

Luckily, some good person already extract it and the theme is already floating around the internet. If you are using the Windows 7 (the latest version), you can get the theme via Jap-On. If you are not, you can still download the theme pack, since the windows sound can be use on both XP & Vista.

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Flame Haze 24 March, 2012 15:26  

The link with the theme is no longer good. I would really like to have this theme.

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