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Oct 12, 2009

Although this is a not a new theme but this anime has catch my attention when during the 1st season, really like the anime so when I saw this theme floating around then I make it here. Theme was created by gy8353411, from ComicDD forum.

This theme come with two type of skin(schema), you can change it at the display properties, under appearance tab. Well the theme was quite nice, but for me it is too bright, but some of you might like it ;). Get it via below portal.

Deposit Files
Easy Share

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6 comment(s):

lolzorgz 12 October, 2009 19:00  

Right when I was about to ask... Thanks for another great theme ^_^ I wonder if there's Tayutama and Strike Witches too >.>

Thanks for yout time uploading and searching for themes ^_^

abaray_rainji 13 October, 2009 12:42  

Cute theme.Dont know the anime.But kinda cool ^ ^.

Thanks Not Fair for repost the bleach theme.
While the gundam 00 theme I still can't download.

Not Fair 13 October, 2009 16:32  

gundam 00 already not available in my hdd lol, but I try my best to dig it back from the forum...

abaray_rainji 13 October, 2009 18:28  

It's Ok.
Take your time.
But thanks again Not Fair.
Can't wait for your next themes~^ ^

Chass 17 October, 2009 09:22  

wondering, did you ever find a Hack//GU or roots theme?

Not Fair 17 October, 2009 18:36  

.Hack series theme I still haven't found any, usual place don't have :(.

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