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Oct 30, 2009

Kobato is a manga series by CLAMP, currently is being adapted into anime series. This anime series is under my watch list, but I only able to watch until 2nd episode, not enough time (T_T). Overall the anime series was good, although personally love the original manga design more due to the elegant like hairstyle ^^, I'm not saying anime series bad.

Back to topic, I found a Kobato XP Theme, although is not base on the anime, but still quite good. Although I said I like manga series more, but in term of XP Theme, anime style alway better to me. Source via ComicDD.

If you think this is too bright, then change it under the display properties, I assume you know how. This also come with 3 resolution of wallpaper, choose the one that suit you ^^. Get the theme via below links.

Deposit Files
Easy Share

[End here]

8 comment(s):

Megaan 31 October, 2009 08:19  

Im also added your link on my blog, It will be benefit for both our visitors..Thank you

All the best for your blogspot

Eternia 31 October, 2009 20:34  

Loves Kobato!
It's practically my most favorite one this season.

Chass 01 November, 2009 00:56  

uwaaa, i'm a CLAMP fan, but it's pink T_T

Swede Pendragon 01 November, 2009 01:47  

Nice Kobato theme... *saves it*
Not Fair I have one request, find Kimi ni Todoke theme. I went looking all over net I couldn't find one. So I am back at best source for anime XP themes... :D
Hope u find it soon. ^^

Not Fair 02 November, 2009 20:58  

Glad you guy like it ^^.

Kimi ni Todoke, erm... it too soon to have someone to create it, hopefully someone will make it. As alway, will steal it here if I found any.

Crystal 07 November, 2009 06:37  

Hi there

I downloaded the theme and it works...except it doesn't show the pink taskbar or pink layout throughout the theme. It turns the layout into an old version of windows layout instead. I was wondering if you know why is this? Thanks


Not Fair 07 November, 2009 08:28  

because you havent use the UXTHEME patch(or something similar). Download the UXTheme via here:

Crystal 08 November, 2009 00:23  

Oooh thank you! It works now~


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