Anime Saimoe Tournament 2009 Champion!

Oct 18, 2009

The few month battle has finally come to the final round, and this year Anime Saimoe Tournament Japan Champion was Taiga from Toradora anime, she also won in the Korea Best Moe Tournament 09, double champion, congratulation!!! :).

Final match was fight between Taiga and Yui (K-On!), and the match was really intense, basically a really good fight. Although I voting for Taiga, but personally think that Yui has the higher chance to win, but well in the end is Taiga, I'm happy either one of them be the winner ^^.

Once again congratulation to Taiga ^^, and to Yui too. Will look forward to next Saimoe Tournament.

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Kaede 18 October, 2009 02:51  

The tournament isnt done yet though...

krlitos 23 October, 2009 03:33  

I followed this poll, I love taiga xD

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