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Sep 21, 2009

I think I no need to explain who is Saber and where she come from (?). Saber's theme was requested by Swede, and I find few of the new one from the usual place(ComicDD forum), and will be slowly share it here.

Until now Saber still is one of the popular XP theme that people still creating and requesting, Saber is too famous.

This theme also come together with two different color scheme, see the above and above above picture for details. You can change it at Display Properties > Appearance > Color Scheme. For your information, this lovely Saber theme was created by Wolf Wind team. Download it via below links.

Deposit Files
Easy Share

[End here]

7 comment(s):

Not Fair 21 September, 2009 21:36  

Next coming theme, Nanoha only theme. Recently quite busy so will slow down on update ^^, sry about that.

Chass 22 September, 2009 06:04  

whoa, any FSN theme is a win! although, I'm a Tohsaka fan, but Saber is good too :) thanks as always

Swede Pendragon 22 September, 2009 19:39  

Not Fair u are my hero! Love u man! Saber-sama... drool. Oh man here I go into Saber fetishist again. *inner me: relax relax*

Glad I've been working with u... do u have something in mind what would be next theme? :D

Not Fair 24 September, 2009 10:29  

erm, dark saber (or another Saber) theme maybe after another Nanoha theme.

Swede Pendragon 25 September, 2009 14:28  

U are really into Nanoha aren't u? I mean I didn't see u put those theme till now, and there are quite a few now. Is it for some good friend of yours or something? Or your magical blood started boiling like crazy? XD

Not Fair 27 September, 2009 12:47  

ya, I all the way is fate/stay night & Nanoha fans, just recently remember Nanoha theme never share before (and found few on my hardisk), so just make it here >.<'.

maybe as you said, the magical blood started to boil XD.

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