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Sep 6, 2009

After few month, fatefan finally finish this theme, the theme was base on the eroge name Princess Lover (also the recent anime title). This theme totally have 4 different theme(4 different heroine), but you required to install individually. This theme will also automatically install the screensaver ^^.

Other character preview is include in the compress file, I just show Seika the preview here. Below will have the installation guide, read it clearly and if any problem encountered please leave a comment, try my best to answer.

  1. Download the file from below link, after extract, you will see 2 folder, & 5 files inside.
  2. You can view the preview picture from the preview folder.
  3. The "Clock" folder will explain later.
  4. For the installation just double-click on any of the 4 file that start with "Princess Lover" and choose the one you love(character).
  5. After execute any of the file that mention in step 4, it will prompt you a windows to choose a language.
  6. As show in above picture, the language(1) select the English (other language I'm not sure working or not), then select Next(2), you can select the cancel(3) to quit the installation.
  7. Then another window will prompt again, just select Next to continue until you saw the License Agreement, this is important because the password is inside this agreement, please read clearly.
  8. In the License Agreement, copy the serial number(2), then select accept the agreement(1), then Next again. The serial number required in next step.
  9. Then paste the serial number that in the previous step, then Next again.
  10. Then select Next and Next again, just use the default path if it ask for a path/location and etc.
  11. After that, you will come across to this wallpaper selection page, just choose the one that suit your monitor resolution. You can change the wallpaper anytime by running the installation again (I think).
  12. After that, just select Next until above page show up, just wait for 20 second then select close (this page definitely is a advertisement, maybe...).
  13. After close, the installation progress will start, and then it will prompt you the above page, just select the "Launch ... Windows XP Theme" if you already install the UXTheme patch before. If you haven't patch/install before, please refer to step 16.
  14. After select the Finish option, windows will launch the Display Properties automatically.
  15. Go to "Appearance" and you can change the color scheme of the skin, just like the above picture. Select "Apply" and "Ok", then your Windows now will using the awesome and beautiful theme ^^.
  16. If your Windows skin become Windows classic skin after "Apply", then it mean your Windows still haven't patch with the UXTheme patch.
  17. You can launch back the installation until the step 13, but this time you need to select the option of "UXTheme MultiPatcher6.0", and select "Finish".
  18. Then it will prompt you a message about patch and etc, follow instruction, at the end of the patch, it will ask you to restart pc, just do so.
  19. After restart PC, you can go into the C:\Windows\Resources\Theme and select the "Seika Houjouin.Theme"(for example) to activate the theme, it should prompt you the Display Properties. Follow the step 14 & 15 to change the Color Scheme.
  20. Another way is to go to "Start > All Programs > Seika Houjouin WINDOWS XP THEME" (or something like that) to activate the theme, it should prompt you the Display Properties. Follow the step 14 & 15 to change the Color Scheme.

This is the anime character clock that use on the desktop, this clock also come with 4 different skin (all the 4 heroine). Execute the "Aclock.exe" inside the Clock folder and it will prompt you the nice character clock on the desktop. Right-click on the clock and you can see the selection, below will have some of the translate on the selection (bad translation).
  • (1) Top of the program - alway in front of the program.
  • (2) Fix on desktop - after select, you cannot move the clock.
  • (3) Setting - change the skin, transparency & etc.
  • (4) About - About the clock (from who and etc)
  • (5) Exit - Exit the clock
After you select option "(3) Setting", it will prompt you the setting page of the clock (refer to above picture). There are totally 4 option you need to know, continue below.
  • (1) auto-start - start during Windows start-up.
  • (2) Save memory mode (something like that)
  • (3) Skin type - allow you to choose different skin.
  • (4) Transparency
  • (5) Ok/Confirm
  • (6) Cancel
That all for the installation guide, thank you for reading such a long and heavy sentence. And also sorry for my bad English. Feel free to repost it anyway as long as you credit the original author. Hope you enjoy the theme ^^.

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12 comment(s):

Eternia 08 September, 2009 12:07  

At last, another eroge XP theme. *^_^*
Arigatou Gozaimasu.

Auguestra 08 September, 2009 18:51  

i have this error when i try to launch the clock.exe "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application." how do i do abt this?

Not Fair 09 September, 2009 17:44  

erm, did your windows has at least .Net framework 2.0 or above? if my memory correctly, it it required to run that clock.

Auguestra 17 September, 2009 13:30  

ya it works after i install the .Net framework.. thx

lolzorgz 02 October, 2009 00:38  

Thanks for this theme ^_^ Something's bugging me, if I remember correctly (I deleted the folder already lol) there's a preview screenshot (I think it's the last?) for Sylvia which looks like a PC meter which I never saw... I don't know if it's supposed to be there but I never found it. Also the clock does not appear on my screen :( Although when i activate it, I know it works as the tray shows an icon for it which means it's running. Can you help me with this?

Not Fair 02 October, 2009 01:33  

err, right-click the tray and screenshot to me, see I can help you or not...

The pc meter you mention I think is another skin for other application which we usually don't use, so I did not include >.<".

lolzorgz 02 October, 2009 10:59  

Which app would that be (I hope it's rainmeter)? Also about the clock, I did right click... The only problem is I don't see it on my desktop. I don't see the clock but it's running.

Not Fair 02 October, 2009 13:38  

If i remember correctly is something like media player (something like music player) or the QQ (china famous msn like software) skin.

then Im not sure what the problem, if it prompt you a error then it might can help. did your system have at least .Net Framwork 2.0 + ?

lolzorgz 02 October, 2009 16:01  

Wow I would like to have that app ^_^ Anyways, yes my .NET Framework is 2.0 (might be higher) because I remember updating it recently.

Not Fair 02 October, 2009 17:10  

Then im not sure what the problem, sry can't help you :(.

Anyway, the software is call TTplayer and it is in chinese version, and the screenshot you see most probably is the skin for this software.

Windknight111 07 October, 2009 14:20  

Thank You so much for this.
But Im having some troubles:

Well I can go up to getting the background as Char, and thats about it. Then when I try to run the other program to DL something I get that error. Please help. Thanks again.

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