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Sep 19, 2009

Another Nanoha series theme that I said I will upload 3 theme include Nanoha,Fate and Hayate, here the Hayate Yagami theme. Source unknown because I forget already.

Erm, now saw back the loli Hayate, feel like her adult version is better, what you think?? Well, get the theme via below link.

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Roxis 20 September, 2009 05:11  

Will not let me open the file says it is damaged

justin 20 September, 2009 05:28  

I prefer her adult version too ^^...the wallpaper is super epic btw thanks

Not Fair 20 September, 2009 10:21  

oh shit,my bad, going to reupload, wait o.

Eternia 20 September, 2009 10:36  

Nah, it's possible that only Roxis' download is damaged.
Thanks for the cute theme. ^_^

Not Fair 20 September, 2009 10:43  

this time the file damaged is on my side :(, so need to re-upload all, luckily the file is small ^^.

glad you like the theme.

Kaede 21 September, 2009 05:15  

Hmmm, it seems my version i got is kinda broken. And when I tried installing it in a different why, dont get some features like the background. lol.
But thank you!

Swede Pendragon 21 September, 2009 05:42  

I started watching Mahou Shoujo series, cute first season so far, LOLY FTW! Btw nice theme... ^^

Not Fair 21 September, 2009 21:22  

erm, did you put it in the theme folder? if yes, try to enable option from the ...

Please go to System Properties (right-click My Computer + Properties) > Advanced > Settings (under Performance). See the "Use a background image for each folder type" is selected or not, like below picture.

Welcome to Nanoha world lol. glad you like it.

nimononoshana 28 December, 2009 00:24  

is there a way to make the clock font color black or darker? White is too light for me

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