Nanoha Series (Fate) XP Theme

Sep 13, 2009

Another Nanoha series XP theme that already inside my pc for long time, I downloaded it same time as the previous 2 Nanoha theme that I posted here. This is the Fate only theme, so if you like Fate, then this theme might suitable for you.

The only drawback of this theme is the color it use, the author using yellow color for the main theme because it is Fate color, but personally think too much yellow look not that nice, just personal opinion.

Get the theme via below links, if you don't know how to use the theme, please refer back previous post for information :D.

Deposit Files
Easy Share

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9 comment(s):

Effendy 14 September, 2009 15:00  

but i think fate themes is much suit if using dark colour like black :)

justin 15 September, 2009 06:06  

that's what i'm talkin abt, go Fate XD

Eternia 15 September, 2009 22:27  

too many yellow hurt my eyes!
Let's make a black one.

Not Fair 15 September, 2009 23:42  

I hope it is in black also, too bad I dunno how to change the skin color >.<".

Swede Pendragon 16 September, 2009 04:23  

Well I am still waiting for UBW theme... TT_TT
Not Fair is there something like that or that could seem to interest me, for example Illya loli theme *gets nosebleed*, or Saber theme, or if there is some from anime Iketeru Futari. *try to find this one too*
It is little older anime but it rules! Anyway waiting for your responds bcs I need THE ONES THAT I MENTIONED! YES ALL OF THEM! xD *hopes u find something*

Not Fair 16 September, 2009 19:55  

saber theme I thought I post quite a lot (similar, not sure is suit you or not), if I find more will put it there again.

UBW theme, also did not saw a real standalone theme for it.

While for illya, never saw her standalone theme.

Iketeru Futari never saw before.

Swede Pendragon 19 September, 2009 17:42  

Oh well tough luck for not having still those 3, but keep me informed if something is out... I know, I have that theme, I just wanted to have new one of her, so as people say, the more the merrier...

And u are quite busy with Nanoha series, damn I have to download it first. TT^TT

Not Fair 20 September, 2009 10:24  

lol, Swede, one by one, actually Saber I found few yesterday ^^ (included black saber too). Just need to test it before share, so give me sometime, maybe tomorrow will up, today need to go out somewhere so not able to.

DeNSoN 15 July, 2010 23:17  

Why dont someone create the SAME THEME LIKE this , But change the Background Colour into black ? i mean,,, Fate Colour is BLACK+Yellow...So, These 2 colour sure very match... Like the 'Video Folder and Many others folder ' , u can use BLACK colour as the Background colour for the LEFT HAND SIDE BAR...^,^ Hope i can see FATE theme soon....LOVe Fate So Much

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