Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid Memory;04

Sep 3, 2009

Ok finally a better scan of Nanoha Vivid has been found, but it still in raw :(, and so currently unable to find an official fan translation on Vivid chapter 4, but since raw is up, better than nothing, if you understand japanese or you just want to see the fighting just go to Manga Helpers for more information ^^.

Alright, the full scan finally up during my sleep time >.<', so go there have a view first, you can either go to One Manga or see the comment for more information ^^. Cannot enjoy the translation version yet because I'm going to class... :(...
Personally think "Weakness is a sin" is this chapter word of the day, damn this word is so WTF (what reason is that). Anyway, never thought Nove will down so easily. So now need to see how Vivio deal with her (how to become a friend?), should will have a nice fight.

[End here]

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blackout 04 September, 2009 06:09  

scnlation is out at mangehelpers
heres the link:

blackout 04 September, 2009 06:11  

scanlation is out at mangahelpers

heres the link:

Minagi Reito 08 September, 2009 00:58  


thanks for the link ^^

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