Dark Saber XP Theme

Sep 29, 2009

Theme created by orcq (Wolf Wind Team), I found this theme via ComicDD forum. This theme was use Dark Saber from Fate/stay night as the design, you guy should familiar with her if you got play the game.

This theme is quite dark -__-', but background change to lighter colour will be alright. Anyway, get the theme via below link.

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tophechris94 30 September, 2009 02:39  

very beautifull,thank you very much ;)

Swede Pendragon 30 September, 2009 04:14  

KYA! You are my hero Not Fair! Dark Saber theme... u really know how to make this guy happy. ^^
*currently with lack of words, as dad pulls him out pc and brag him about anime are bad*

Chass 30 September, 2009 06:54  

uwa, nice fate stay night!! the wallie is kinda dark tho ^^"

Chass 30 September, 2009 06:54  

btw, this is justinefremlouw XD, finally got a gmail ^^"

lolzorgz 30 September, 2009 11:27  

I like the themes you get from ComicDD ^_^ I wonder if I could get some myself...

Thanks for the upload of those great themes :D

Not Fair 30 September, 2009 12:58  

glad you guy like it ^^.

just go into that forum and register. you need to reply post to earn the forum point(money), because some theme require point/money to buy.

lolzorgz 30 September, 2009 18:48  

@Chass - well it is DARK Saber XD

@Not Fair - I couldn't understand it even with Google lol.

Reinforce 01 October, 2009 14:48  

Why there are no picture in my folder background???

Not Fair 01 October, 2009 20:32  

ya, it is better if you understand chinese >.<". translation quite limited sometime.

erm, did the my video/my picture/my music background got picture?

If don't have please do the following step.

Please go to System Properties (right-click My Computer + Properties) > Advanced > Settings (under Performance). See the "Use a background image for each folder type" is selected or not, like below picture.

good luck.

lolzorgz 02 October, 2009 00:34  

Darn I should have enrolled in a Chinese school like my siblings >.< I wonder if there's an Umineko theme too ;)

Not Fair 02 October, 2009 01:25  

Umineko theme not so sure, but as alway if I saw, I will take it for you.

Swede Pendragon 02 October, 2009 15:11  

Hey Not Fair I have proposition for your next theme... Some bloody theme from Higurashi series, but not Umineko. There must be one at least. Bloody wallpaper and u know when u go to folder with pic, vid, etc, they should be too bloody. :D
Hope u find something that might meet my expectations... ^^

Not Fair 02 October, 2009 16:57  

-__-', bloody huh, try my best then, tomorrow I will away for few day ;), it might take sometime.

Not Fair 02 October, 2009 20:30  

just search it, can't found any for the xp theme.

Higurashi xp theme only able to found one, but it is not bloody type >.<'.

Kaede 03 October, 2009 08:55  

wow, this is just awesome. Thanks again! OTAKU haha! :P

abaray_rainji 07 October, 2009 12:22  

Awesome.Been looking for this one.
Thanks Not Fair ^ ^.
Is there any gundam 00 themes here??

Not Fair 07 October, 2009 18:12  

ya, here the link.


Kh.Eiji 20 March, 2011 08:52  

ahmm .. I don't know what this means but it says ..

Error Loading Theme

because one one of the needed files can't be found .

please help me!

Not Fair 23 March, 2011 22:05  

this is not installer type right? THen mean u didnt place the folder and file into the C: > windows > resource > theme folder.

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