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Sep 30, 2009

Well, October is around the corner, mean lot of new anime coming soon, above video has the information on the upcoming autumn anime, if you want a clearer coming soon anime trailer, can watch this and this.

Lot of new anime going to air soon, but I still got few anime still haven't finish watch, like Spice & Wolf II, Canaan, I'm really behind schedule. Anyway, this autumn anime seem like a lot of interesting anime, and many of it has go into my watchlist.

My Watchlist
  • Nyan Koi!
  • Tatakau Shisho The Book of Bantorra
  • Kampfer
  • To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
  • Inuyasha The Final Act
  • Seitokai Gijiroku
  • Tegami Bachi
  • Sora no Otoshimono < expect lot of fan service ^^.
  • Kobato
  • Darker than Black 2
  • 11eyes

Above lists are the anime that I going to watch, but I always watch all the anime for 1 or 2 episode then only decide want to continue or drop. Darker than Black 2 and Sora no Otoshimono are the most look forward anime.

Which of the coming soon anime is your favourite or in your watchlist? More info of anime via AnimeDatabase.

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lolzorgz 30 September, 2009 19:26  

Actually I did not like all of them when the list was first released but after checking the seiyuu lineup, I changed my mind and will watch them all (actually almost all not everything) What I'm really after is those ones With Aki Toyosaki and Haruka Tomatsu in it XD And the seasoned pros like Miyuki Sawashiro and the like. Thanks for the posting of the video ^_^ I'm tired of reading lol This is a new way to be informed XD Thanks again!

Eternia 01 October, 2009 10:07  

Same here.
Minus Inuyasha.

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