Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's XP Theme

Aug 30, 2009

This is the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's theme, and I get it from, erm... forgotten, because it inside my hardisk very long time ago (at least 1 year ago), and yesterday when I organizing some file and only see this is inside my pc. It also request by some of you, so decided to put it here.

Personally love this theme because of the skin style, color and the mouse cursor. There is few more Nanoha related theme, so will be share one by one ;). Hope you guy like it. As alway, download the file > extract > put both file and folder into C:\windows\resources\theme > execute the NANOHA.theme file. If problem, just leave a comment ;).

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20 comment(s):

SleepyxD 30 August, 2009 18:46  

wow nice theme :D
thx xD

Not Fair 31 August, 2009 13:56  

np, still got few, so stay tune ^^.

Swede Pendragon 01 September, 2009 06:41  

So your next ones would be? I am kinda interested what u have on mind... ^^

Excelion 02 September, 2009 00:13  

When I change the to the theme the background works but the skin and the start menu goes to the default windows color

Not Fair 02 September, 2009 02:54  

Next coming up also will be Nanoha series theme, unless saw some other nice and special theme :D

did you apply the uxtheme patche or other related patch? download it at below link, then just apply the patch, follow instruction and restart ur pc, then only apply the theme :D.

justin 02 September, 2009 04:02  

OFC there's another nice theme! Fatefan ressurected and made a Princess Lover theme!

Kaede 03 September, 2009 09:51  

Haha? Finally? That took long? THANK YOU! (yes my thank you took long too)

Kaede 03 September, 2009 09:53  

Ah yeah, I forgot to add in my last comment whether you know when Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st will be released on DVD (japanese vocal)

Not Fair 03 September, 2009 19:47  

you were fast, ok, will bring it over as soon as possible :D.

erm, movie is start to show on 23th of january next year in Japan, so most probably(or at least) we need to wait 6 month or more... so i don't know lol.

Not Fair 03 September, 2009 20:05  

I mean after at least 6 month of 23th January.

Kaede 04 September, 2009 03:50  

Do you have more xp themes for any Nanoha character? =O!!! Or did you forget? You are really into anime (I saw your room full of figures posters and all that stuff O_O), so I assume you might have more nanoha xp theme?

Not Fair 08 September, 2009 16:56  

Nanoha XP theme i think i got like 3 extra(each represent Nanoha, Fate & Hayate), it happen inside my pc long long time ago, so haven't tested -.-, most likely will be test it 2moro lol.

Roxis 11 September, 2009 09:56  

Very gooooood
please theme could make one of Lirycal Nanoha Strikers

Not Fair 11 September, 2009 19:05  

I unable to find normal StrikerS theme, since no one create, but if I saw it i will repost it here ^^. But if you don't mind, you can get the cute striker version via below link.

Swede Pendragon 29 September, 2009 14:02  

I think u don't have pic for recycle bin... :/

Not Fair 29 September, 2009 17:11  


ya, some come only with My Computer, My Document, My Network icon, well actually there is some extra icon can be downloaded and replace it ourselve.

c180in3d 12 January, 2010 01:31  

Is there a way to install this on Vista?

YS 12 January, 2010 01:34  

Is there a way to install this on the Vista OS?

Not Fair 08 February, 2010 23:38  

No, this is XP Theme, it cannot be use on Vista.

Anthony 22 April, 2011 03:58  

this theme works on win 7 as is, just no custom folder BG images
a few cursors are also off center (text select)
but everything else works

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