Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force Record01: Engage

Aug 4, 2009

Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force chapter is release few day ago, but the scan still can't really find it, and no english translation are out yet. Today I saw the chinese translation so decide to borrow it again lol, the link is here. If any english translate is up I will update the link. English translate was up too, you can find the link at Anime Suki forum, remember thx them who provide a translate on this chapter ;).

Let start with some ultra short summary, this new series, Nanoha Force main character will be this guy name Touma (hopefully not wrong), then he is a treasure hunter. So the story begin when he come this this ruins for treasure hunt, which is a place already taken as a illegal experiment labs.

Touma decide to left since it is quite dangerous, but he heard someone asking for help through mind (forget this thing call wat in Nanoha world). Then he decide to go for the help, a classic situation.

Those sciencetist found out Touma has go into the lab, so they decide to destroy whole labs together with the experiment girls. In the very last minute, the girl decide to engage with Touma, that bracelet is name Silver Cross if direct translate, don't scold me when it is not right >.>'.

The weapon device is so cool huh, he might vs Teana in the near future, since both also has same type of weapon, or Nanoha? I wonder is Nanoha Divide Buster more strong or this Divide Zero more strong, can't wait to see the showdown of the character, or there is no chance of fighting between those god class character? :(

Lastly, the turn of Fate and Teana appear, although is just 1 pages. There are searching for the Silver Cross as well, and so how the chapter 1 end, and need to wait till 30th of September. There are more so go to see more, but in chinese translation. My last word, Fate new hair style is look very good too xD.

[End here]

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Kaede 09 August, 2009 10:32  

Telepathy ?

Anyways. Looks cool. But that manga was only like 5 pages =_= lol.

Thank you for the upload. I did not know it was released!

Not Fair 09 August, 2009 16:19  

the chapter01 is not five page, it have more page, i only take some and show it here >.>'. If it is on monthly or weekly will be nice ^^.

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