Fate / stay night Unlimited Blade Works MOVIE !!! (updated)

Aug 8, 2009

Do you guy still remember previously I was talking a UBW movie(rumour). Ya, this it is, although there is not much news yet, but a website will tell everything, visit official site here (should be real 1). From the look of that picture, it most likely is Fate/stay night UBW route. So, let's celebrate ^^.

More news are announced from a magazine (New Type), the Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works movie will be confirm show on cinema in 25th January next year in Japan, so we can watch it after around 6 month time (DVD/BD release time). We just has to wait until then. Source via ACG Space.

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kirie 05 August, 2009 12:36  

i prefer heaven feel route
oh well, whatever I really happy they didnt forget about their fans

Not Fair 06 August, 2009 11:21  

maybe the movie will make into few part? Fate, UBW, Heaven Feel, this chance is quite high.

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