Ayanami Rei's XP Theme

Aug 26, 2009

Rei XP theme was really hard to find, I thought Evangelion XP theme will be a lot out there, but actually is one of the less. This is Ayanami Rei focus theme, so if you are Rei fans, this theme is for you. The theme was found in ComidDD forum.

I really hope this was the rebuild of evangelion movie theme, but too bad it is not, but anyway better than nothing. I have also include few more Rei wallpaper inside, include different size, so use the one that you like or the one that suit your desktop resolution, you can find it inside the wallpaper folder that inside this pack.

After download, extract and copy both EVA folder and eva.theme file into the "C:\Windows\Resources\Theme", then double click the eva.theme will do. Good luck.

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6 comment(s):

SleepyxD 27 August, 2009 00:05  

wow nice xp themes you have :D
I wanted to ask if you could find some Nanoha themes to xp it would be great. xD

Eternia 27 August, 2009 09:23  

I don't want NGE, but hey, the Windows Skin looks nice. So I will download it. ^_^

Not Fair 28 August, 2009 10:19  

Nanoha got, I saw few before, just hope it still available for download, I try my best.

lol, the skin, ya quite understand.

Swede Pendragon 31 August, 2009 01:49  

Well accepting offers as always... great u found good one... ^^
Well u can later do UBW one when it is out on that site... or Saber. <3
U and me only commented, good there is reinforcement came. :D

Not Fair 31 August, 2009 14:00  

I believe soon or later will have UBW theme because of the movie ^^, well as alway, if I happen to see it I definitely bring it over xD.

really wish to learn how to create theme, but it sure damn a lot of work >.<'..

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