Wonder Festival 2009 Summer Figure

Jul 26, 2009

Finally, is around this time, Wonder Festival 2009 summer was held yesterday and today, and that mean a lot of unseen and new figure will be reveal. Spot some nice figure from the event report of Akiba Hobby. Spot nice figure also mean must get ready the wallet to support xD.
Nanoha series will be releasing new Figma figure, from Nanoha Movie 1st series.

Nanoha recently a lot of figure announced, I wonder how I going to buy all of them, need to go find more part-time job.

Finally, Keion-bu has join the track, K-On!'s 4 members will be on Nendoroid series, and I bet all of the K-On! fans are waiting for this, me too ^^.

Nendoroid Mio ^^

More Nanoha, this is from Alter, another Movie 1st figure, Nanoha fans must get ready for it.

Alter also will release K-On figure as well, not only Nanoha series, also need to get ready for K-On!

Cool Hatsune Miku, so many version of Miku, and the style is so different.

Canaan, cool pose

More event report and picture via Akiba Hobby. Final word, I want all the figure!!!

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Eternia 27 July, 2009 09:37  

If there's such event here, my money will be surely used up in an instant.

Not Fair 28 July, 2009 08:15  

haha, I think most of us does >.<".

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