Umi Monogatari EP1

Jul 7, 2009

There is a lot of new anime on show in this month, and Umi Monogatari (or Sea Story) is one of it. Watched the first episode, first thought was not bad, although so far not to said very good, but at least quite enjoyable.

I love the opening, the feel was quite good, I usually love this kind of music and song, but at the same time because of the opening song, it make me feel this anime story is very slow.

The first start with a ring that fall into the sea, and Marin (left) pick up the ring and want to return to the owner who throw it alway, so her sister Urin also follow Marin to the surface. One of their friend claim the earth darkness is more than the light so it is dangerous, I think this story main part is about the light fighting the darkness to bring peace to earth and sea(?), with the teamwork of sorabito (sky/earth people) and umibito (sea people).


One of the main character, Kana

The ring is throw by her, because of her story begin..

This anime character has a lot of facial expression. As you can see, Kana (hopefully right name) has a lot of darkness surrounding her all the time, I think she alway in depressed lol. While Marin just opposite of her.

The enemy or darkness accidentally unseal by Urin, so the darkness release and the bad thing going to happen soon. Well, you can give Umi Monogatari a try if you haven't watch it, wont said too bore because the character facial expression was quite special, lol.

[End here]

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