Type Moon's XP Theme

Jul 9, 2009

The Type Moon's XP Theme by Fatefan from TeamZero finally released, can either visit Fatefan blog or ACG DIY forum for the info. I know some of you already know this theme was on the way all this time, yup finally it released. This theme was actually release few day ago, but now I only manage to upload it >.<'.

This theme not just the Kara no Kyoukai theme, it also include the Tsukihime, and Fate/stay night, while for the Fate/unlimited code, I'm not sure has include or not because I can't see any. There is more preview of the theme inside the Theme pack you going to download. BTW, this theme has include the logon UI and also some other thing, please read below instruction for details before used.

Install Step
  1. Download daemon tools or magicDisc or similar program, install into your pc. Then Mount the file - "TYPE-MOON Theme Pack".
  2. Then, the menu will be pop up just like above picture, quite nice right(?). Select the logo of title you want(red box of the picture), then another windows will prompt to you.
  3. Select "English" then next, and next again until the user/license agreement.
  4. In the user agreement, please look clearly, copy the password in this page, I have highlighted it, that whole link is the password, not go into that link for password, get it?
  5. Copy the password, then paste it in the following page, after that continue, you will come to a step that ask you about the wallpaper resolution, just choose the one that suit your needs.

  6. After that proceed until this step, then you has to wait 20sec to wait the file to tbe extract, this more like a advertisement to me, but anyway, just wait for 20sec...

  7. After 20sec, then select the close, and you will reach this step, if your OS has not yet patch with any UXTheme or similar patches before, then check the option, and it will patch automatically. Do so if you haven't patch before, or else you can't use the theme.
Use the Theme
  1. After finish the installation, it will prompt you the display properties from the last step. You can select the extra color schema or skin from the Appearance tabs.
  2. Then, enjoy your theme :D.

Logon UI Theme
  1. Execute the "TYPE-MOON Series XP LogonUI" file inside the folder, then it will prompt you a windows just as below diagram.
  2. This installer has no translate so you mostly will see what the picture look like. Select the button with "(N)", I think you know what it mean right? -__-'.

  3. Then, next(N) again.

  4. Then in this step, please select the (A), which mean agree, then next again.

  5. After that, in here, you can specify the path, please remove those unrecognized symbol and change it into anything you want.
  6. After proceed, it will prompt you again to choose the wallpaper size for your Logon UI, my case I choose the largest one.
  7. After finish install, it will automatic replace your logon UI, and this is the preview picture.

Others (Shutdown Theme and Rocket Dock)
There is also a extra installer name "TYPE-MOON Series Theme Extra", this installer is to allow you to install the shutdown theme and the rocket dock together. But there is a problem on this installer. After the install, mostly likely your anti virus will detect one of the file is trojan horse and will be deleted a file.

I still haven't test this yet because I forget to off my anti virus, but if you want you can still install, because the Rocket Dock is working perfectly, only the shutdown theme that important file is spoiled(deleted). Inside the install also include a extra icon for the rocket dock usage. After you install the file name of the execution file will be in random symbol (if your system unable to read chinese).

  1. Execute the "TYPE-MOON Series Theme Extra", then it will prompt you a box.
  2. From here, select English, and continue by pressing ok. From here, you next until you saw the following step.
  3. Recommend to remove those unknown symbol and rename it to english path, so that you can easy find it and uninstall.
  4. By the time it finish install, your anti virus by right will prompt you a message said Trojan Horse something and something, in result the a file will be deleted, heard some of you said, the file that deleted actually is the one to replace the icon.
  5. Recommended to off your anti virus during this installation, and make your anti virus not to delete anything in this folder, if you scare, then do not install this, since shutdown theme can't work properly.
  6. I can't make the shutdown theme work, maybe it required to change ur system regional to chinese (maybe only), if you find out any solution please tell me ^^.

If you have any problem please leave a comment, I try my best to answer. Any idea from the theme is appreciate. Thank you for reading, hope you like the theme, feel free to repost anyway you like and sorry for my bad english. Get your copy of theme via below links ^^.

Download Links
Megaupload - Part1, Part2
Easy Share - Part1, Part2
Sendspace - Part1, Part2
Deposit Files - Part1, Part2

Icon Pack

[End here]

38 comment(s):

Not Fair 09 July, 2009 20:47  

Finally finish post this, tired ....

justin 10 July, 2009 01:57  

wait, there's no saber lily? 0.o

is there still 2 tsukihime theme?
according to fatefan blog, there's 5 themes right? one FSN, one unlimited code, two melty blood, and one KnK...

Eternia 10 July, 2009 09:17  

Wow. It's complete.

Eternia 10 July, 2009 09:17  

Wow. It's complete.

jadesterne 10 July, 2009 09:59  

Thank's for this... be waiting MU link due easyshare to slow for me^^.

Not Fair 10 July, 2009 20:52  

the theme i think is change from the color schema, but I at least can't see Unlimited Codes, maybe I miss out >.<"...

Not Fair 10 July, 2009 20:52  

sorry for late update, just come back from outside >.<".

jadesterne 11 July, 2009 12:12  

The file where antivirus said trojan horse actually not for change Shutdown Theme but for change any windows icon ( folder, control panel, connect to, printers and faxes, etc.). I don't know where the file for change the Shutdown Theme, unfortunatly Shutdown Theme doesn't work for me. Maybe I must change my windows regional setting to chinese before instaling this TYPE-MOON Series Theme Extra. Let me know when someone have any information for this. Thank you^^.

Swede Pendragon 11 July, 2009 18:04  

@Not Fair
I think this has trojan horse virus... That file with extra stuff... And I only menage to put startup but not the theme. If u could answer me... Arigatou (^_^)/~~

Not Fair 11 July, 2009 19:10  

Just came back from Daicon ^^.

I don't think it is a harmful trojan horse(but Im not sure it is harmful or not).

I see, but it install together with the extra (did i mention change?), I think before install must set your system regional language to chinese.

even i off the anti virus, I also cant to seem get the shutdown theme to work (unlike the previous shutdown theme, the file that use to execute the theme is not there), so I give up lol.

Swede Pendragon 11 July, 2009 19:51  

Well about that virus... he is harmful alright so just delete it when antivirus ask u so. By the way I menage to fix startup somehow, but it still doesn't work properly. Here u go the pic what don't works for me...



Can u help me somehow please? I want to have complete login stuff... Onegai?

Not Fair 11 July, 2009 20:32  

erm, then that extra stuff you can just ignore and dont isntall, because the shutdown theme i cant make it work also (the 2nd picture you send me). While for the icon pack that inside the rocket dock, I has unpack it, so if you want the icon, just downlaod the icon pack.

The login one, you just has to install, then good to go, if the theme can show properly, then the logon UI sure can work fine, I using the 1440 resolution for the LogonUI, maybe the lower resolution has different picture(just my guess, I did not try all actually).

jadesterne 12 July, 2009 09:19  

for me, logoff and shutdown problems are solved with the modification and re-write 2 file (shell32.dll and msgina.dll). But this method unrecommended because highly risk could damages your OS.

This is the proof:


Not Fair 12 July, 2009 20:45  

cant see your file, but anyway, thx for the info ^^.

justin 13 July, 2009 02:48  

hey, my AV detected trojan in the repack and deleted a bunch of the files, if u still have it in ur sent folder or something, can u resend the email with links? thx

Not Fair 13 July, 2009 19:04  

alright, not problem, sent.

justin 14 July, 2009 01:55  

thanks a lot...btw the saber lily is just the "saber" color scheme

Not Fair 14 July, 2009 16:08  

oic, I thought they will make it into the extra another theme for F/uc...

Swede Pendragon 02 August, 2009 03:43  

Not Fair is there some Spice and Wolf theme? I am kinda now into this anime, btw us Fate\stay night is for living, so if u have some post it or translate some of there is on that Japanese site. I appreciate it if u could do that for me...

Not Fair 02 August, 2009 09:43  

spice and wolf II found it, but still under beta, after next week thursday will repost it if it still haven't release the full version.

what you mean on the Fate/stay night, did you mean the news?

Swede Pendragon 03 August, 2009 16:50  

@Not Fair
What news? *confused here*
I just said that Fate\stay night is anime for life, that is all... well if u have some news about Fate\stay night, I mean any, please tell me.

And there is new anime of TYPE-MOON work. It is called CANAAN. It is awesome, they are messing with some mysterious eyes again.

And about Spice and Wolf... Just post it here or e-mail me somehow when will it be full version and when u will finish translating it.
*u really know Japanese and you are good at programing, I am impressed man*

Not Fair 04 August, 2009 13:25  

if there is any news on fate stay night i definately will tell, waiting to confirm the movie, not sure is rumour or wat.

canaan look nice, but did not follow lol, because recently is ultra busy, at least wait until after 2moro ^^.

im not good in japanese, currently still learning stage, incase miss understanding, most of the resource I found is from chinese website, of cos some are from japanese.

and those theme not make by me, I just repack(extract and remove unknown character if any), tat all.

Swede Pendragon 04 August, 2009 16:56  

I know, u said it to me that u don't make them, so I knew that. I am enough impressed that u translate them and share with us... I haven't show this blog to anyone but my sister. Less people have these themes, the more I a, proud... xD
I also heard about a movie, but I saw it just on sec and I was like, nah it is just a rumour. But now when u say it, maybe there is hope. ^^
*hardly wait for that, gonna die soon*
Wanna Holo the wise theme... TToTT
*don't worry I'll wait or die*

Not Fair 04 August, 2009 17:56  

ya, i also happy like hell just when I saw the movie official website lol.

For Holo theme, please wait till after 2moro, please don't die yet ^^.

justin 05 August, 2009 06:13  

the FSN movie is real, it's been confirmed by animeanime.jp

Not Fair 06 August, 2009 11:24  

I hope they will make into 3 part ^^.

Swede Pendragon 08 August, 2009 02:40  

Yay!!! Finally! I thought some guys were playing prank about it. Hope they will make it soon...

@Not Fair
U knew this for day and didn't tell me! *calls Saber*
Saber: EX-CALIBA! *Not Fair status: Dead* xD

About spice wolf theme, it is better if it is supposed to be like that.

Not Fair 08 August, 2009 10:04  


about the spice and wolf, so you mean those background picture of the folder in single picture will be nicer? because in 1024 resolution, both picture together will be quite confuse(?). If like that i go cut off another picture lol.

Swede Pendragon 27 October, 2009 18:39  

Not Fair can u please find way to make Logon UI Theme work full time? Bcs it only work, I think I said it but again, when u chose profile but not when u chose log off or turn of computer option, in short it runs like XP normal... So can u research more of that? I am kinda sick of not working properly... -_-''

Not Fair 27 October, 2009 20:46  

Did you mean when windows start up, it straight away go into the windows like normal, without showing the new Logon UI?

But when you apply the Logon UI theme, it should be running the theme that you apply, no matter it is required choose user or login, it still will show the UI then only load the windows or shutdown.

maybe your windows logon UI file spoiled, but I remember correctly when using 3rd party software replace the UI file, it will use the new UI theme so it should display properly without any trouble.

ok try like this, after you install the Logon UI like what I show in the above post, after that try to locate the LogonUI file, then use another third party software to apply that LogonUI, I'm not guarantee it will work.

merk 22 September, 2010 04:56  

I am having a small problem with all the themes in this pack TT.TT
For me I don't here any song/music clip when I turn off my computer, I here it when it is turned on or I log on or off but not when I turn it on. The shut off.wav file exists and can be played on windows media player
but when I click test in the program events page it doesn't play (the stop button isn't able to be clicked at anytime).
If you have any idea on the problem help would be appreciated

Not Fair 22 September, 2010 20:56  

I dunno as well, never encounter such problem before.

merk 24 September, 2010 05:10  

I see, well that's alright. I think that the problem lies with my computer, though it can play other themes (ie angel beats) shut down. But on the off chance would it be alright to ask you to upload your system shut off.wavs for the tsukihime, fate, and kyoukai themes? Of course only if you have the free time to do that.

Not Fair 24 September, 2010 08:50  

err, I try, if the file in those post is already expire then can't help you, or else I can upload it by download the installer and upload the wavs :)

Not Fair 25 September, 2010 14:11  

here you go, download the sound via below link ^^.


merk 26 September, 2010 12:51  

Thank you but sadly it does not work no matter what the system log off.wav does not work. But again thank you for taking the time to upload all the sounds

Life is so boring............ 01 April, 2011 14:26  

Help me.
I accidently enable the OX MultiPatcher thing and it automaticly restart.
After that my theme became classic.
I switch my theme to the others but the start menu theme mantains classic.
Please help me because classic theme is killing me!!!!
Tell me how to undo that step!!

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