Nanoha Vivid ch3 & Nanoha Force ch1 (Updated)

Aug 1, 2009

Nanoha Vivid chapter has been release, although English translation not yet release translation found proceed to onemange or Wings of Yuri^^. The scan below I used was steal from chinese translation. Above nice image quality scan can be found via here.

This chapter as alway quite relax, and included the fan service of Nanoha family ^^, not bad. Now confirm Fate is alway live together unless there is a work ^^.

Interesting part alway come at the end, this chapter end up Nove meeting with the enemy(?) of the series. Expecting a fight, hope so >.<".
This month also is the Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force series chapter 1 release (..finaly xD). The full scan still can't find yet, but expecting it in few more days I guess.

This is another thing from Leoheart's blog, the M4 (something like drama cd) cover of this issue Megami Magazine. Newest look of Hayate Yagami, she also look good in this hair style ^^. Nearly forget, there is some news following this few magazine as well, Nanoha Movie 1st will be show in coming January, therefore we only able to see it after June 2010.

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3 comment(s):

Eternia 01 August, 2009 12:28  

Nice. I hope it's scanlated soon.
Do you have that poster in even bigger size? Teehee.

Not Fair 01 August, 2009 15:12  

lol, just found it ^^.

Kaede 03 September, 2009 09:55  

I wonder when the manga will release in Canada? I don't know how to order online to buy it from japan...

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