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Jul 25, 2009

This is my room and some of my collection, not a really well organize room and don't have huge collection like others. I posting my room is because I joining the Otacool in ^^.

one day might get kill by the boxes lol xD

Not all the figure are display, once in a while I will swap and display other, because dust too much, too many figure too hard to clean >.<". You guy might wonder why my table so clean, actually during my rush time, the area infront of the figure(table) will become ultra messy xD.

My first figure ^^

She was my 2nd or 3rd figure, if remember correctly >.>"

My favourite jacket ^^

[End here]

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Kaede 09 August, 2009 10:28  

HOLY CRAP! That is seriously all the stuff you have? That is awesome!

Not Fair 09 August, 2009 16:20  

Ya, that will be all my stuff currently have, still got some magazine ^^.

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