DaiCon 2009 Day 2

Jul 14, 2009

Day 2 coverage is here, first start with some group of cosplay, Akatsuki cosplay, not bad huh? Day 2 was nothing much, but more cosplay here and there, and waiting for Minori live performance in DaiCon.

look familiar...


lol, cool

Kingdom Heart, forget who already, but cool

They giving out the freebie if win the game, dunno what the game call

Too bad the Minori live performance can't take any photo or video (basic rule for concert I think). But, the performance is really great, and I'm glad I been there. I shout until no voice during the encore, guess what, she come out with the tradition wear call kebaya, and ya she is pretty on kebaya too (you can see the photo on Minori's blog ^^). She even said her Chiaki voice with the famous phase at the end of the live performance, "...baka yaro", which make whole hall exciting again, and in result I shout until no more voice. Nearly forget, Minori's volunteer fan club also come to Malaysia and support her, that spirit is really great.

After the concert, some one have pick up Minori drink bottle, and many people chasing him lol, go here for details. DaiCon announced the winning of the cosplay competition and etc after that. But I did not wait until the end, because in the need of water(shout too much), so left before the grand ending of the DaiCon.

Before leaving, me and my friend lucky enough to see Minori leaving, she look tired, of cause we did not go in front, just from far drinking water.

[End here]

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