DaiCon 2009 Day 1

Jul 12, 2009

Just come back from DaiCon 2009 which held in MMU Malaysia, and it was a really great event. This is some short coverage of day 1 of DaiCon. Although there is not much thing to see, but just Chihara Minori alone is worth more than anything :D.

Some Gashapon found in the entrance of DaiCon

Some doujin booth

Figure show on the Figure Mall booth, lucky got them so that I can see some of the figure which I do not have. So much figure, imagine when the time need to repack back into the box -__-'.

KKnM booth, line up for 1 hour only manage to go into the booth and buy the anime goods I want.

Highlight of the day, Dannychoo storm trooper clone on Karaoke Competition. When the storm trooper clone on stage, whole hall was become very exciting, imagine the real person come over, sure become more "high".

D.C.II or?

From Little Buster?

Dannychoo clone and K-On! cosplayer, nice.

Manage to see her when she enter, pretty ^^.

I was happy to able to go to DaiCon, because able to see Minori san in near range ^^. I think she was quite shock(maybe), because half of the audience also rush in front to took photo when she go onto the stage.

Too bad me and my friend need to leave early before the Q&A panel end, that was a waste :(. Anyway, tomorrow will be posting the day2 coverage if I able to get the photo.

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3 comment(s):

yuri_daisuki 13 July, 2009 01:40  

Hi, do you have photos of Kahoko Hino (the tall red hair coser in day 1)? thanks.

Not Fair 13 July, 2009 19:02  

dont have, because I went there late already, so not much photo have been shoot :(.

Eternia 13 July, 2009 19:27  

How nice.
I you so much~

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