Anime Saimoe 2009 First Preliminary Round 1

Jul 6, 2009

First preliminary round of Japan Anime Saimoe 2009 was held yesterday. The top vote only around 373 votes, although not very high, but usually in preliminary round is so little, unless the character is ultra godlike.

If Im not wrong, the top 12 will be advanced to next round, and in 1st preliminary round, both Minami Chiaki and Kana getting 1st and 2nd, consider a good start, hopefully they able to fight till final 16 as well as other winner. Be sure to participate and vote for your favourite character. If you wish want other details, please go to AnimeSuki forum.

Group 1(top12)
1 Minami Chiaki (Minami-ke Okaeri)
2 Minami Kana (Minami-ke Okaeri)
3 Ichinose Kotomi (Clannad AS)
4 Ikeda Kana (Saki)
5 Uchida Yuka (Minami-ke Okaeri)
6 Miyazawa Yukine (Clannad AS)
7 Yamanaka Sawako (K-On!)
8 Kouzuki Kallen (Code Geass R2)
9 Nishijou Nanami (Chaos Head)
10 Kurono Kurumu (Rosario to Vampire Capu2)
11 Feldt Grace (Gundam 00 s2)
12 Bachou [Sui] (Koihime Musou)

Before I forget, the Type-Moon XP Theme is released, I will repost it here by 2moro or day after, stay tune ^^.

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Eternia 06 July, 2009 20:11  

Wow. Sawako-sensei is included in it?
I am utterly shocked...

Not Fair 07 July, 2009 01:18  

usually Preliminary round is like that one, a lot of shock will be happened lol.

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