Shakugan no Shana XP Theme

Jun 9, 2009

This is Shana XP theme, I get this theme and repost from krlitos, you can get other theme from there also with translated installer, quite convenient. If you like the theme, go there leave some comment as well ^^.

This shana theme also include the logon theme, you just has to download and install the installer given, it will automatically copy the file into the folder with no error, it is working fine. Logon theme I think need to use other software to replace, but I guess you know how ^^(see below comment if you not sure how). Get your installer via krlitos blog.

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8 comment(s):

justin 10 June, 2009 04:33  

you will not do repack with no installer?

Not Fair 10 June, 2009 09:40  

erm, I only will repack those chinese version, this one already being translated I guess not so good >.<"...

krlitos 11 June, 2009 00:40  

The logon needs Logon Loader to apply,

I'll translate logon loader help post into english... I hope it xD

The installer it's clean, and scaned with McAfee 2009.

justin 12 June, 2009 02:06  

lol its okay, i just don't like having a bunch of things installed in my PC

luck 01 September, 2010 10:29  

where can I download this theme?

UGR 25 September, 2010 12:03  

Awesome theme. I love Shana

I think I'll be putting this on my XP computer. And now I need to find a Windows 7 theme for my others.

Support Shana for International Saimoe 2010

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