Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid Memory;02

Jun 29, 2009

Chapter 2 of Nanoha Vivid has release, good news for me and Nanoha fans ^^. Actually I already forget about the release until I saw it, T_T sad, feel bad .....

Basically this chapter not much progress, just chit chat about some of the transformatio of Vivid. Even Vivio transform into adult, but inside still young and "small", so not much different, this is what she said to Fate in order to make her not to worry. I think Fate always the last one to get news all the time >.<'.

Never thought to see Ix in Vivid series, she was the king who appear in the StrikerS X Sound Stage. Hopefully she will awake in Vivid (maybe will continue sleep for few hundred of years). The raw is get from Manga Helpers, and a minute ago, I found the translated version via Wings of Yuri. So grab the release and read it, looking forward to next chapter.

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Minagi Reito 30 June, 2009 08:49  

good news .o/

i liked the first chapter and certainly i wil like this too ^^

Not Fair do you have any news about Nanoha force?
i didn't see you write anything about it yet

Not Fair 30 June, 2009 18:54  

o, the magazine that Nanoha Force publish on was 3 month a volume, so we also need to wait 3 month to get to see the chapter of Nanoha Force, long wait....

next one will be release on this month end if I did not remember wrong time....

Minagi Reito 01 July, 2009 11:09  

3 months...long wait U.U

Not Fair 02 July, 2009 00:10  

ya, it really a long wait, but luckily the Vivid is montly chapter, or else T_T.

Hopefully the story in Nanoha Force is very interesting :D.

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