K-On! Mio's XP Theme

Jun 21, 2009

Found another K-On! xp theme, but this is the Mio only theme, which mean all the background is Mio. Although the anime is ended(still got a extra episode), but won't forget K-On!, btw, last episode the feeling is so great ^^.

This theme was taken from ComicDD forum, and created by Willylong. This theme come with 5 system voice, and the empty recycle bin voice was quite good(although the sound quality not that great, but still ok). If you wanna to use the theme, go below link and get it ^^.

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justin 22 June, 2009 03:26  

great as usual! I love Mio...
btw, did fatefan stop doing themes or something?

Eternia 22 June, 2009 19:53  

Every K-On! watchers love Mio.
Thanks for finding this. ^_^

Not Fair 23 June, 2009 14:31  

nop, i think fatefan is too busy lately, but recently has announced some other theme but "coming soon". The theme using TYPE MOON related stuff, like Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, and etc. Go below for details ^^, has some preview picture.


jadesterne 23 June, 2009 19:10  

Wow...Great!!! Cute Mio<3. Thank you for this...^^

justin 24 June, 2009 00:50  

@Not Fair:
wow, those look awesome >.< I can't wait for Lily Saber

Not Fair 24 June, 2009 22:10  

ya~, Saber Lily ^^, not sure how long they will release it, but once it release I will share it here no worry ^^.

justin 08 July, 2009 03:17  

hey dude, i think it all got released 0.o

Not Fair 08 July, 2009 23:57  

ya, it released, and I already downloaded and ready to upload too, but there is a small problem on certain thing, but 2moro i will upload and repost 1st, stay tune ^^.

justin 09 July, 2009 01:20  

great, it looks like an iso 0.o i hope u made it so we don't have to install lol

Not Fair 09 July, 2009 08:52  
This comment has been removed by the author.
justin 09 July, 2009 10:19  

oh, okay, thanks, i've sent u an email

is there a reason why its better to install?

Not Fair 09 July, 2009 16:42  

installation will configure everything usually, and also the user agreement (it is important), and it also will tell who create this and that.

give me some time to send u the thing, k?

Swede Pendragon 09 July, 2009 17:39  

@Not Fair
When will be another theme of Fate\stay night, I visited that link, but I want it now! And one thing if u know some info about making second season of Fate\stay night tell me. Here is a new one... There is a petition for second season so all the fans of Fate\stay night must sign this. Hope u will... ^^
Here is the link:


And by the way I am Shwele... I just forgot my pass... xD

Not Fair 09 July, 2009 20:39  

lol, updating now, it is a long post >.<", give me few more minute, almost finish writing.

While for the 2nd season, currently there is no news. I know the game itself has 3 story, but the anime itself actually has use 3 story(some) but the ending they decide go to Fate route ^^.

As alway, if those producer want, they can make, but at least now don't have :(.

But now we got Kara no Kyoukai, which also Type Moon product ^^.

Swede Pendragon 11 July, 2009 18:07  

I know I played Fate\stay night visual novel (dating sim) game... I would be satisfied with Fate\zero, bcs it would be kawaii to see how Kiritsugu was teaching Saber to eat with chopsticks... ^^
And Saber learns to drive motorbike! AWESOME I SAY... So anyone if u could sign this petition for second season of Fate\stay night...


david 20 August, 2009 14:53  

This is a great theme, but when i reboot the startbar squishes down and the start up sound doesnt want to play. I dont know if its just me. Ive tried it in japanese and english default language, and it still happens. If anyone can help, add me to msn (heroxoot@hotmail.com

Not Fair 20 August, 2009 23:36  

erm, can screenshot and let me see?

ProgamerOtaku 17 January, 2011 23:14  

tsugoi themu desu ne X3
can i download it ^_^a ??


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