Good Smile Company Fate and Riannon

Jun 18, 2009

Fate swimsuit version from Gift and distribute by Good Smile Company finally open for preorder, those who already has Nanoha Swimsuit is time to get Fate swimsuit version, when both display together will look much nicer, the forever lover(?), picture at below.

Although both Fate and Nanoha in swimsuit version is quite nice, but I like them in barrier jacket form more. This figure will cost around 12,000 yen, because it is 1/4 in scale, which is quite big. She is scheduale to release in coming OCT. More details and picture via Good Smile, Hobby Search, Hobby Stock, Play Asia.

Nendoroid Riannon is another line up figure from Good Smile Company, which will schedule to release in coming September. Riannon is a character from Tears to Tiara a eroge and currently the anime is being broadcast in Japan and direct live broadcast in some Country via Animax and etc.

As you can see, she is damn cute in Nendoroid (Nendoroid alway cute), it is a real poison that really make people buy it. Above picture also has Arawn the Demon King display together, so he is confirm to release in future, not bad. Riannon will be release in coming september, so prepare you wallet if you are Nendoroid fans, or Tears to Tiara fans, going to have more. More pictures via Good Smime Company, Hobby Search, Play Asia.

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