Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle- XP Theme

May 14, 2009

Another version of Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na XP Theme the expansion version name Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle-, I think no need to introduce this game already. This lovely theme was created by Fatefan and inside has include few thing.

This theme itself has totally 9 different character theme, for easy use of the theme, each of them has save and separated into different ".Theme" file, and you just has to use it according to the name, more preview of the different character can go to Fatefan blog :D.

One of the theme include inside this theme pack, name Estel Freesia, not bad. This theme pack also include many thing, like logon theme, screensaver, Window Shutdown skin, desktop clock, right-click background(preview at Fatefan blog as well).

This theme has come with many Icon, so you replace it yourself inside the folder as alway, it also include a large icon for other purpose. Other solution please read at below, please read till the end only use the theme.

Before everything is apply, please be sure your window system has patch with UXTheme or other similar patch, or else when you apply the theme, it will show you the window classic skin, and other thing below will not show probably. Please go to one of my old post, read the UXTheme section below.

Extract the Moonlight Cradle compress file, then copy the everything include Moonlight Cradle folder, 9 different ".Theme" file into the "C:\Windows\Resources\Theme\".

Execute one of the ".Theme" file will do, the Display Properties will pop up, and you just has to select Apply. If nothing happen or become Window Classic skin, please refer to above UXTheme.

This clock is similar to the previous CLANNAD clock(am I right?), same function.
  1. Go into the Clock folder inside the Moonlight Cradle folder.

  2. Execute the Aclock.exe, then the clock will run.

  3. Able to change the skin of the clock (only have Feena and Estel), right click the clock, then go into the setting(read below picture).

  4. Inside the setting, there has few option, read below picture for details, the system/system2 is the skin of the clock.

  5. If you do want to use it anymore, just has to right click > quit.

Window Shutdown Skin
This theme has include a rare thing, a Window Logoff Skin, as how in the below picture. I'm not sure it is stable or not, you can just go into the Shut Off folder, execute the "shutoff.exe", then it will show you the window shutdown, but if you want to cancel, you can click anywhere of the box.

What I try before is click outside the box, it restart, anywhere of the box it cancel(the 3 button in the middle I never try >.<"). I can't guarantee this Shutdown application is working fine on your system, if this lead to crash or anything I don't know.

Right-Click Skin
Totally has 9 mouse right-click skin (background) inside this theme, below picture is the Estel Freesia right-click skin, other skin preview please visit Fatefan blog ^^.
  1. Go into the "Right key skin" folder, choose any folder you like.

  2. Each of the folder inside the "Right key skin" is represent a different character or skin.

  3. Inside each of the folder there is totally has 3 file, "use.cmd", "remove.cmd", and "xx.dll".

  4. Just execute or double click the "use.cmd" will do, your right-click skin will change, but sometime you has to restart to take effect.

  5. If you do not want the skin anymore, just has to go back to the same folder that you choose previous, and execute the "remove.cmd", then it will remove.
This theme has include a screensaver too (the opening of the game I think). It hide inside the "Scr" folder, inside has a Moonlight Cradle.scr, you just has to right-click > Install will do, before that you can execute it to preview the Screensaver.

Logon Skin
Originally it require to install the theme and the logon separately, now I has copy it out and you just has to copy and paste and use, easy right?

Above is one of the logon skin, and it is 1440*900 resolution. Totally included 3 different resolution(& 3 different skin), such as 1024*768, 1280*1024, and 1440*900, choose the one that suit you ^^.

The Logon skin ("xx logonui.exe") is inside the logon folder, you can use any software that can replace the logonui. If you do not have any replacing tools, you can use the replacing tool that has included inside the folder (extract the XPLogonUI_102_full.zip & install). It is quite easy to use :D.

Hope I did not miss out anything. Below I have include 2 different type of download, one is the extracted version (as usual, just need to extract, copy/paste, and use). Another is the original file that required install (use it if you using chinese system and you understand chinese). Hope you guy like the theme.

Download Links
Megaupload - [part1][part2][part3]
Sendspace - [part1][part2][part3]
Deposit Files - [part1][part2][part3]
Easy Share - [part1][part2][part3]

Download (original file, required installation)
Megaupload - [part1][part2][part3]
Sendspace - [part1][part2][part3]
Deposit Files - [part1][part2][part3]
Easy Share - [part1][part2][part3]

[End here]

15 comment(s):

Eternia 15 May, 2009 21:17  

Wow~ a hentai game XP theme.
But there isn't h-content in the theme itself. LOL.

Not Fair 16 May, 2009 09:32  

if it include might be more popular lol xD.

Eternia 16 May, 2009 16:33  

I search files on MediaFire and found it's CG collection here.
Hopefully one of this visitor would try making it? LOL.

Not Fair 16 May, 2009 17:54  

hope so lol, actually I already have the CG of the Moonlight Cradle, I hope it make into the theme as well but usually people not dare to put NOSEBLEED thing on the desktop lol.

Eternia 16 May, 2009 21:54  

Not if it's a PC in your bedroom, LOL. With nobody else know it's password. It's just they are all censored, they need to be photoshopped before they can be used in theme, which take lots of time.

Not Fair 17 May, 2009 09:27  

ya ,and no one to use beside ownself then will be nice. Uncensor usually won't available(maybe?) and need those pro photoshoper to fix as well lol.

blacksaber 06 November, 2009 23:08  

thanks to FateFan for making this theme and Not Fair for sharing it :3

btw, what is the password? I prefer installation because when I tried to some of your shared themes, I can't use that theme >.>

Not Fair 07 November, 2009 08:33  

password usually is inside the user agreement during the installation part. It is in the form of URL.

You can't use the theme? You direct extract and execute or you copy into the theme folder only execute?

maxxus0923 31 October, 2010 12:21  

can sm1 reupload this?

Not Fair 31 October, 2010 14:43  

sorry, unable to reupload because the file itself is long gone from my HDD... but I try to search from the original source, no promise.

AsakuraMiyuki 27 August, 2011 13:03  

Can Post Again?? I Can't Download

AsakuraMiyuki 27 August, 2011 14:13  

Why I Can't Download it???

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