Tears to Tiara XP Theme (PC ver.)

May 5, 2009

This is the Tears to Tiara XP Theme, an old theme create by Fatefan long ago. Incase you do not know, this is the PC version of Tears to Tiara, or the 1st/original version, that why it is very big different with the current anime (character look). Current anime is base on the PS3 version which is totally remake (on the character, story I'm not sure).

In term of character, I personally love the PS3/anime version more, but this original design actually quite good , the character more cute, and moe(?). This is the only Tears to Tiara theme I able to find in meantime (actually is found & request by jadesterne ^^).

This theme come with no sound, so I have use and cut the current Tears to Tiara anime OP & ED song for the sound, I hope it ok for your guy ^^. That all, hope you guy like it.

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3 comment(s):

Eternia 05 May, 2009 14:56  

The PC version is a hentai game, isn't it?

jadesterne 05 May, 2009 17:05  

Yay, waiting for this theme...I completed this game long time ago and this game have a good story line. Thank you so much^^.

Not Fair 05 May, 2009 17:35  

ya, it is (I think so lol).

but heard it many time that it has a good story, now jadesterne also said the samething. I think should give it try.

Actually I wanna to try PS3 version, but no PS3 and my japanese currently in leanring (T_T), so can only play the PC version lol (currently has english translation).

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